Academic Catalog

Case Management for Children and Families Certificate


This certificate program is a special course of study which can be added to any graduate degree program. It may also be completed by a non-degree graduate student with special permission from the director of the Center for Family Studies. This certificate represents a concentration in theoretical and practical knowledge in collaborative cross-systems case management for children and families in the context of community-based services. This course of study promotes collaboration among disciplines and services.


To participate in the program the student should:

  • Be formally admitted to The University of Akron as a postbaccalaureate, graduate or non-degree graduate student.
  • Make written application to the program and receive written notification of admission from The Center for Family Studies.


Core Courses

Students should successfully complete all three of the core courses listed below. However, the first two courses plus three hours of electives must be completed prior to the student’s enrollment in the practicum course.

  • 3760:561 Case Management for Children & Families I (3 credits)
  • 3760:562 Case Management for Children & Families II (3 credits)
  • 3760:563 Practicum in Cross-Systems Case Management for Children & Families (3 credits)


Students must successfully complete six credits of coursework selected from the various departmental courses listed below.


  • 3760:501 American Families in Poverty (online) (3 credits)
  • 3760:504 Middle Childhood and Adolescence (online) (3 credits)
  • 3760:540 Family Crisis (online) (3 credits)
  • 3760:546 Culture, Ethnicity & Family (online) (3 credits)
  • 3760:602 Family in Lifespan Perspective (3 credits)
  • 3760:610 Child Development Theories (3 credits)
  • 3760:665 Development in Infancy & Early Childhood (3 credits)

Home-Based Intervention

  • 1820:503 Home-Based Intervention Theory (3 credits)
  • 1820:504 Home-Based Intervention Techniques & Practice (3 credits)