Academic Catalog

Women's Studies Certificate

Interdisciplinary and specialized, the Women’s Studies graduate program fosters a critical approach to knowledge about women. By focusing on cultural practices that have largely excluded and devalued differences in gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, race, and class, Women’s Studies prepares students to appreciate and act in a pluralistic world. The Women’s Studies graduate certificate integrates scholarship and research on women and gender from multiple disciplines. Students are challenged to explore diverse viewpoints and to expand the scope of their intellectual endeavors to include gender issues and debates.

For information, contact Women’s Studies, located in College of Arts and Sciences 118, (330) 972-6222.


Hold a Bachelor’s Degree with a minimum 2.75 grade point average.


Required Courses - 6 credits

3001:580 Feminist Theory (3 credits)
3600:555 Philosophy of Feminism (3 credits)

3001:589 Internship in Women's Studies (3 credits)
3001:593 Individual Studies on Women (3 credits)

Electives - 9 credits

3001:585 Special Topics in Women's Studies (1-3 credits)
3230:516 Anthropology of Sex and Gender (3 credits)
3300:553 American Women Poets (3 credits)
3300:589 Seminar in English (2-3 credits)
3400:569 African-Amer Women's History (3 credits)
3400:599 Women and Gender in Middle Eastern Societies  (3 credits)

3760:501 American Families in Poverty (3 credits)
3760:546 Culture, Ethnicity & Family (3 credits)

3850:547 Sociology of Sex and Gender (3 credits)
3850:555 Family Violence (3 credits)
3850:639 Sociology of Gender (3 credits)
7600:508 Women, Minorities & News (3 credits)
7600:546 Women, Minorities & Media (3 credits)
7750:656 Social Work Practice with Gays & Lesbians (3 credits)