Academic Catalog

Motion and Control Specialization Certificate

All manufacturing processes involve motion and control which may range from simple use of pneumatic cylinders in robotics to coordinated motion and sequence control in assembly lines. The technology in motion and control grows and changes at a pace that makes systems of over five years old almost obsolete. The primary purpose of the Motion and Control Specialization certificate program is to provide the graduating engineers with a focused expertise in motion and control and to furnish the necessary tools in order to enable them to follow the changes in technology after graduation. In addition, the program will also serve the practicing engineers and life-long learners to come back to school and refresh their skills using the certificate program.

Persons interested in this program should contact the Department of Mechanical Engineering.


To participate in the program, the student should be formally admitted to The University of Akron as graduate or non-degree graduate student.


Students should successfully complete all three courses listed below.

  • 4600:542 Industrial Automatic Control (3 credits)
  • 4600:544 Robot Design, Control & Application (3 credits)
  • 4600:670 Integrated Flexible Cellular Manufacturing System-Analysis & Design (3 credits)