Academic Catalog

Structural Engineering Certificate

This certificate program provides professionals an opportunity to expand their knowledge base in the design and behavior of structural systems. It is designed for people who cannot make the full time commitment to the graduate degree program but would like to receive recognition of their continued effort in the area of study or would like to cumulate credit hours toward their ultimate graduate degree goal.

Admission Criteria

This certificate is designed primarily for students with a B.S. degree in Civil Engineering or a closely related field.

Program of Study

Civil Engineering graduates may earn a Structural Engineering Certificate by completing the following five courses:

  • 4300:551 Computer Methods of Structural Analysis (3 credits)
  • 4300:554 Advanced Mechanics of Materials (3 credits)
  • 4300:605 Structural Stability (3 credits)
  • 4300:684 Advanced Reinforced Concrete Design (3 credits)
  • 4300:685 Advanced Steel Design (3 credits)

Total: 15 credits