Academic Catalog

Physical Education - Exercise Physiology/Adult Fitness

The student who expects to earn a master’s degree in the School of Sport Science and Wellness Education is expected to meet the criteria for admission of the Graduate School. Applications for all master’s degree programs in the School of Sport Science and Wellness Education must be completed and submitted at least six weeks (domestic) or six months (international) before the beginning of the term for which admission is sought in order to allow for adequate processing time.

Exercise Physiology/Adult Fitness Option

This graduate program, requiring a minimum of 33 credits, is designed to prepare students for advanced study in exercise physiology and future employment in adult fitness, corporate fitness and cardiac rehabilitation programs. Special attention is also given to knowledge and practical skills necessary for students preparing for American College of Sports Medicine certifications.

Degree Requirements

Required Foundation Courses - 6 credits

  • 5100:610 Introduction to Statistics in Human Services (3 credits)
  • 5100:640 Using Research to Inform Practice (3 credits)

Required Department Courses - 22 credits

  • 5550:600 Biomechanics Applied to Sport and Physical Activity (4 credits)
  • 5550:518 Cardiorespiratory Function (3 credits)
  • 3100:565 Advanced Cardiovascular Physiology (3 credits)
  • 5550:615 Current Topics in Exercise Physiology (3 credits)
  • 5550:605 Physiology of Muscular Activity & Exercise (3 credits)
  • 5550:505 Advanced Strength and Conditioning (3 credits)
  • 5550:620 Laboratory Instrumentation Techniques in Exercise (3 credits)
  • 5550:526 Nutrition for Sports (3 credits)

Required Clinical Experience - 2 credits minimum

Electives  - 3 credits minimum  (select at least one course from the list below)

  • 5550:522 Sport Planning/Promotion (3 credits)
  • 5550:538 Cardiac Rehab Principles (3 credits)
  • 5550:601 Sports Administration & Supervision 3 credits)  
  • 5550:609 Motivational Aspects of Physical Activity (3 credits)  
  • 5550:612 General Medical Aspects (3 credits)  
  • 5550:680 Special Topics in Health & Physical Education (3 credits)