Academic Catalog

Polymer Science

Master of Science in Polymer Science

Degree Requirements

Core Courses - 16 credits

  • 9871:601 Polymer Chemistry (4 credits)
  • 9871:607 Seminar in Polymer Science I (1 credit)
  • 9871:613 Polymer Science Laboratory (3 credits)
  • 9871:631 Polymer Physics I (4 credits)
  • 9871:674 Polymer Characterization (2 credits)
  • 9871:685 Introduction to Biomacromolecules (2 credits)

Elective Courses - 8 credits

Completion of eight credit hours of elective courses appropriate to student’s area of interest.

Thesis - 6 credits

Cumulative Exam

Pass one cumulative exam.

Written Pre-thesis Literature Review

A written review of the literature will be submitted (in the fall of the second year for full-time students) to the adviser and thesis reader in advance of the completion of the thesis. This literature review receives a grade from each faculty member.

Formal Seminar

A public discussion referred to as a departmental "formal seminar" is required which reviews the literature pertinent to the research problem.


Attendance at and participation in seminar-type discussions scheduled by the department.

Computer Proficiency

Computer proficiency is required and can be satisfied by an earlier undergraduate computer programming course or by a related course taken at The University of Akron.