Corrosion Technology, Certificate

Certificate in Corrosion Technology (285000C)

The objective of this certificate is to enhance student knowledge of the fundamentals of corrosion technology, including forms of corrosion, types of corrosive environments, material selection, corrosion control, testing, monitoring and treatment.

The following information has official approval of The Department of Chemical, Biomolecular and Corrosion Engineering and The College of Engineering and Polymer Science, but is intended only as a guide. Completion of this certificate is contingent upon many factors, including but not limited to: class availability, total number of required credits, work schedule, finances, family, course drops/withdrawals, successfully passing courses, prerequisites, among others.

The following courses constitute a “Certificate in Corrosion Technology” and must be completed with a minimum grade point average of 2.0 overall for the certificate to be noted on the student’s record.


Required Courses7
Total Hours17

Required Courses 

2850:120Corrosion Engineering Technology Fundamentals I3
2850:121Corrosion Engineering Technology Fundamentals II4
Total Hours7


Complete one course from each of the following three categories10
Chemistry for Everyone
Principles of Chemistry I
Circuit Fundamentals
AC Circuits
Survey of Electronics I
Basic Electrical Engineering
Introduction to Material Technology
Applications of Electronic Devices
Materials Science
Introduction to Mechanics of Solids
Total Hours10