Academic Catalog

Wayne College Programs of Instruction

The following associate degree programs are available at Wayne College. The structure of these programs may differ from similar programs within the College of Applied Science and Technology of The University of Akron. All required courses for these programs are available at the college for students attending day or evening classes. A diploma issued as a result of the completion of one of these programs carries The University of Akron Wayne College designation. In some instances, specific course sequencing is necessary, especially for the student attending full time, to accommodate completion of the program in two years. Please consult an advisor at Wayne College for further details.

For specific curriculum guides for associate degrees, minors and certificates offered through the College, see the Undergraduate Curriculum Guides section of the Undergraduate Bulletin. For information on Wayne College General Education/Transfer Program, visit the General Education section of the Undergraduate Bulletin.

Associate Studies

Associate of Technical Studies

The Associate of Technical Studies (ATS) provides an integrated program of study for those students whose educational objectives and interests cannot be met through the college’s formal associate degree programs. The Associate of Technical Studies permits students to combine various courses from two or more of the college’s existing programs with other University credits, with credits earned at other postsecondary institutions, and/or with training received through other educational enterprises.

The Associate of Technical Studies is administered through the Office of the Dean and coordinated by the Associate Dean of Instruction. Interested students must complete a formal Associate of Technical Studies application. Upon application, the Associate Dean of Instruction makes an initial assessment of any transfer work and assists the applicant in selecting relevant areas of study. The application is then forwarded for review by the faculty most closely associated with the proposed area of study. Upon faculty acceptance, the application is submitted to the Associate of Technical Studies Committee who, upon approval, forwards the application to the dean of Wayne College for final approval.

2020: Associate of Arts/Associate of Science

The Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degree programs are intended to help individuals understand effective social behavior and appreciate scientific fact and human values. The programs are designed to impart specific skills essential to effective adult functioning. These include the abilities to write and speak effectively, to calculate, and to think constructively and critically. The programs also provide a broad foundation of general knowledge about the physical and social universe as preparation for advanced baccalaureate study.

Most recipients of the Associate of Arts and the Associate of Science degrees transfer to bachelor’s degree-granting institutions to complete their intellectual, professional, and cultural goals. The Associate of Arts and the Associate of Science degrees meet the general education requirements for most baccalaureate degree programs at The University of Akron and other colleges and universities throughout the country.

Completing the Associate of Arts or the Associate of Science degree also fulfills the Transfer Module as outlined by the Ohio Board of Regents.

Business and Office Technology

General Business Option

The General Option provides training in varied business activities in preparation for an entry-level management position in business, industry, government, nonprofit organizations or as a self-employed manager. Students wishing to enter the program must demonstrate a fundamental knowledge of computer software by examination (CISBR) or take the bridge courses prior to enrolling in the program. See an advisor for details.