Academic Catalog

Social Sciences - Associate Studies (2040)

2040:230. Technical Career Search Skills. (1 Credit)

Students will develop specific skills in resume writing, interviewing, self-directed job search, networking, researching employers, as well as learning the fundamentals of the job market.

2040:240. Human Relations. (3 Credits)

Examination of principles and methods which aid in understanding the individual's response to society and the relationship between society and individuals.

2040:241. Technology & Human Values. (3 Credits)

Examines impact of scientific and technical change upon individuals and society and associated values. Topics include digital and work life, biomedical technologies and the environment.

2040:242. American Urban Society. (3 Credits)

Multidisciplinary treatment of urban processes and problems. Concerns historical, political, social, economic and other environmental forces which impact the individual in an urban setting.

2040:243. Contemporary Global Issues. (3 Credits)

Multidisciplinary approach to global social problems. Examines cultural, political, and economic issues in developed and developing nations. Emphasizes technology's impact and global interrelationships.

2040:244. Death & Dying. (3 Credits)

Examination of a wide range of topics related to death and dying. Emphasis is placed on understanding and coping with death and dying.

2040:247. Survey of Basic Economics. (3 Credits)

Introduction to economic analysis and issues designed for the student taking only one course in economics. Coverage includes economic systems, exchange, money and banking, national income, employment, fiscal policy and current domestic economic problems.

2040:251. Human Behavior at Work. (3 Credits)

Examination of relationship between human behavior and the work organization. Emphasis on how contemporary organizations are changing and what makes individuals within their organizations more effective.

2040:254. The Black Experience from 1619-1877. (2 Credits)

Prerequisite: 2020:121 or 3300:112. Examination of the black American including origins, historical achievements and striving to achieve first-class citizenship in America from 1619 to 1877.

2040:256. Diversity in American Society. (3 Credits)

Prerequisites: 2020:121 or 3300:112. Survey course covering demographic, social, economic, political, and educational realities of diversity in 21st Century. Focus on diversity and unity, historical overview.

2040:257. The Black Experience 1877 - 1954. (2 Credits)

Prerequisites: 2020:121 or 3300:112. Examines the experiences of Blacks following Reconstruction. Topics to include: Separate but Equal doctrine, segregation, integration, and the achievements of Blacks in American society.

2040:258. The Black Experience 1954 - Present. (2 Credits)

Prerequisites: 2020:121 or 3300:112. Examines the relationship of the civil rights movement, Black nationalism, integration, segregation, and desegregation as strategies to ameliorate discrimination and achieve equal opportunity.

2040:290. Special Topics: Associate Studies Social Sciences. (1-4 Credits)

(May be repeated with a change in topic) Prerequisite: Permission. Selected topics on subject areas of interest in the social sciences.

2040:344. Death & Dying. (3 Credits)

Examination of a wide range of topics related to death and dying. Emphasis is placed on understanding and coping with death and dying.

2040:345. Death and Dying for Health Care Professionals. (3 Credits)

Examination of loss, death, and dying in health care professions. Theory-driven course emphasizing development of practical skills to address death-related issues and experiences.

2040:349. Integrated Human Behavior and Health. (3 Credits)

Examination of the reciprocal nature of physical and mental health factors related to disease course/progression. Emphasis on application of theory-driven conceptualization and interventions.