Academic Catalog

Medical Assisting (2740)

2740:120. Medical Terminology. (3 Credits)

Medical Terminology includes the study of medical prefixes, suffixes, word roots, combining forms, and with an emphasis on pronunciation, spelling, and abbreviations. Medical Terminology related to the body systems will be emphasized. The purpose of the course is to equip the student with a basic understanding of the tools needed to learn medical terminology as it relates to the body systems with an emphasis on spelling and pronunciation.

2740:121. Study of Disease Processes. (3 Credits)

Prerequisite: 2740:120. This course studies human disease and the disease process including treatments, causes, incidence, signs and symptoms, and diagnosis.

2740:122. Emergency Responder I. (1 Credit)

Theory and practice in recognition and response to emergencies by the medical professional including but not limited to: breathing difficulty, cardiac arrest, heart attack, stroke, bleeding, wound care, musculoskeletal injuries, burns. poisonings, heat and cold exposure, and diabetic care.

2740:126. Administrative Medical Assisting I. (3 Credits)

Theory and practice in administrative medical assisting competencies such as legal and ethical concepts, medical front office responsibilities, and financial administration.

2740:127. Administrative Medical Assisting II. (3 Credits)

Theory and practice in administrative medical assisting. Simulating a medical office,competencies include utilizing computerized practice management software, medical office management, medical financing and insurance.

2740:128. Basic Procedural Coding. (3 Credits)

Class focuses on converting the procedural language into industry standard character strings for purposes of reimbursement CPT and HCPCS codes; learning how to convert procedural statements into CPT and HCPCS codes; learning how to apply carrier rules for reimbursement.

2740:129. Basic Diagnostic Coding. (3 Credits)

This class focuses on converting the diagnostic language into industry standard character strings ICD-10-CM for purposes of reporting, research, and reimbursement.

2740:135. Clinical Medical Assisting I. (4 Credits)

Prerequisites: 2740:120, 2740:230, 2780:106, and 2780:107. First clinical course covering medical laboratory, PE, vital signs, EKGs, microbiology, procedural asepsis, suture removal, basic PT, eye and ear treatments, and basic nutrition.

2740:228. Medical Insurance. (3 Credits)

Prerequisites: 2740:120, 2740:128 and 2470:129. This course examines the nature of medical insurance reimbursement for medical services. Students will be equipped with an understanding of insurance and reimbursement methodologies.

2740:230. Basic Pharmacology. (3 Credits)

This course is an introduction to pharmacology, organized and presented by therapeutic classification. Topics will include oharmacokinetics, factors which influence drug actions, routes or administration, and adverse effects.

2740:235. Clinical Medical Assisting II. (4 Credits)

Prerequisites: 2740:120, 2740:135, 2740:230, 2780:106, and 2780:107. The second medical assisting clinical course covers theory and practice of POL laboratory tests, medication administration, minor office surgery, venipuncture, emergent services, and radiography principles.

2740:242. Medical Transcription II. (3 Credits)

Prerequisites: 2540:119, 2740:151; 2740:120, 2740:240. This course is an advanced medical transcription course. Emphasis will be placed on development of accuracy, speed, and medical knowledge for transcription of medical documents.

2740:245. Medical Billing Externship. (4 Credits)

Prerequisites: 2740:120, 2740:121, 2740:127, 2740:128, 2740:129, 2740:228, 2740:230, 2740:245, 2780:106 and 2780:107 (thus completing all other Medical Billing Certificate course work), a 2.0 cumulative GPA, and permission from the Medical Assisting program director. This externship is a minimum 160 hour medical billing work experience, required seminar hours and preparation for the optional CPC and CCSP exams.

2740:246. Medical Assisting Practicum. (4 Credits)

Prerequisites: 2740:126, 2740:127, 2740:135, 2740:230, 2740:235, 2780:106 and 2780:107 (thus completing all other Associate of Applied Science in Medical Assisting Technology course work, with a 2.0 cumulative GPA), and permission from the program director. The practicum work experience of a minimum of 160 hours; seminar hours will also be required. This class prepares students for their national certification exam.

2740:290. Special Topics: Medical Assisting. (1-2 Credits)

Prerequisite: Permission. Selected topics or workshops of interest in medical assisting technology.