Computational Data Science, Certificate

The Computational Data Science certificate program provides students/professionals with the skills and training to tackle real-world data analysis challenges. Students obtain in-depth knowledge of data science through lectures and hands-on studies of motivating real-world cases.

The curriculum consists of a total of five courses, including two required core courses and three electives. The core courses cover fundamental big data programming skills, statistical and mathematical concepts, essential data analysis techniques including data wrangling, data organization, and data visualization, as well as application and implementation of machine learning algorithms. The electives allow students to dive further into data analytics and address data challenges in their desired direction of study.

The program is designed for motivated graduate students and professionals holding a bachelor's degree who have an interest in data science, especially in the computational aspect of data science. Students must have a strong foundation in programming and experience with computational data handling.

Admission Requirements

Students must hold a bachelor's degree, and have a strong foundation in programming and experience with computational data handling.


Data Science Core6
Data Science Electives9
Total Hours15

Data Science Core

CPSC:515Big Data Programming3
CPSC:536Applied Machine Learning3
Total Hours6

Data Science Electives

Complete nine credits from the following:9
CPSC:545Introduction to Bioinformatics3
CPSC:560Artificial Intelligence & Heuristic Programming3
CPSC:575Database Management3
CPSC:576Introduction to NoSQL Data Management3
CPSC:577Introduction to Parallel Processing3
CPSC:635Advanced Algorithms3
CPSC:636Graph Analytics3
CPSC:676Data Mining3
CPSC:677Parallel Processing3
CPSC:678Data Integration3
CPSC:680Software Engineering Methodologies3
CPSC:689Advanced Topics in Computer Science1-3
Graduate course outside the CS department 13

For a graduate course outside the Department of Computer Science to be used towards the certificate, it must be on a topic related to Computational Data Science, and must be approved by the Department.  At most three credits of Data Science Elective may be from outside Computer Science.