Manufacturing, Certificate

The industry employees or students who complete this manufacturing certificate program will be capable to (a) demonstrate knowledge of fundamental concepts of manufacturing, (b) use skills related to manufacturing engineering, (c) communicate effectively with manufacturers and manufacturing engineers, (d) generate solutions to problems that may arise in manufacturing engineering, (e) use skills for materials selection for manufacturing, and (f) conduct research in the field of manufacturing.

Admission Requirements

Admission to this program is limited to students holding a:

  • B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, or
  • B.S. in Aerospace Engineering, or
  • B.S. in a closely related field
Select 15 credits from among the following:15
MECE:544Robot Design, Control & Application3
MECE:5853D Printing and Additive Manufacturing3
MECE:563Computer Aided Design & Manufacturing3
MECE:671Fundamentals and Applications of Micro Electro3
MECE:627Advanced Materials & Manufacturing Processes3
MECE:694Deformation and Failure of Polymers and Soft Materials3
MECE:666Analysis of Manufacturing Systems3
MECE:661Failure Analysis of Mechanical Systems3
MECE:625Analysis of Mechanical Components3
MECE:682Fundamentals of Composite Processing and Mechanics3


Students may also take MECE:696 Special Topics in Mechanical Engineering (1-4 credits) to meet requirements, when a topic relevant to manufacturing is offered.  Students wishing to do so need the approval of the program prior to enrolling in MECE:696. MECE:696 can be taken multiple times, for different topics.