Interprofessional Hearing Early Access Response through Telepractice (I-HEART), Certificate

The Interprofessional Hearing Early Access Response through Telepractice (I-HEART) Certificate program offers special coursework to enrich trainees’ knowledge and background of early intervention auditory verbal therapy approaches, and cochlear implants and modern hearing aids and the special training needs of infants, toddlers and children who use them. Recipients of funding and the program will learn how to be effective members of collaborative teams that emphasize family membership and the active participation of related professionals. They will study and apply principles of early intervention, tele-health service delivery, including best practice themes of cultural diversity and collaborative teaming. 

Admission Requirements

  • Graduate school admission in Speech-Language Pathology or Audiology. 
  • Applications for admission to the certificate program are accepted only once per year in the Spring semester. Review of applications is completed before the end of the Spring semester and offers made for a cohort start during the subsequent Fall semester. Admission and funding is competitive.
  • Current professionals in Speech-Language Pathology or Audiology who are interested in the certificate program should contact the I-HEART Coordinators, Dr. K. Todd Houston (SLP) or Dr. Alex Meibos (Audiology)
SLPA:660Introduction to Telepractice Service Delivery (Introduction to Telepractice Service Delivery)3
SPLA:663 (Facilitating Auditory Learning & Spoken Language for Children with Hearing Loss Through Telepractice)3
SPLA:665 (Telepractice Service Delivery Practicum)6

Total Credit Hours: 12