Academic Catalog

Fees and Expenses

Fees subject to change without notice.

Student Expenses

Following are comprehensively outlined fees for students at the University who are studying for credit and noncredit in all areas of instruction. Included also are the additional expenses required for special academic services available to students and other miscellaneous fees, such as application fees. It is the responsibility of the student to know the correct amount of all fees, including the non-Ohio resident surcharge.

In any question concerning fees, surcharges or residence, it is the responsibility of the student, parents or court-appointed guardian to furnish such proof as may be required by The University of Akron. A student who is in doubt about residency status should consult with the University registrar.

It is the responsibility of the registrar to assess fees and surcharges at the time of registration; information given by the student at that time is used in the assessment. Each registration is later audited by the University auditor, and appropriate additional charges or refunds will be made.

All fees and surcharges are due at the time of registration or on the specified fee payment deadline. The status of the student as of the opening day of the semester or session will determine the final, correct amount of fees and surcharges.

An Installment Payment Plan for tuition and fees is available to all students.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fee information for Undergraduate and associate degree programs is available on the Office of Admissions website.

Admission Application Fees (Nonrefundable)

Fee Cost
Undergraduate $50
Entering postbaccalaureate or graduate $50
Transient students (first enrollment only) $50
International Students (non-refundable) $60

Orientation Program Fees

Fee Cost
New Student Orientation Program: University Commitment Fee (Confirms new student intent to attend orientation and enroll in classes for next academic term. Placement tests taken on UA campuses are included in this fee.) $145
International Student Orientation $145
Placement Test Fees: Individual retesting and external users $25/test

Registration and Other Related Fees

Fee Cost
Administrative Fees, Assessed each term (all students except high school students taking University courses; transient, unclassified and special students; and undergraduate students who have completed 96 credits or more) $30/term
Late Payment Fees (charged to students who have not paid for tuition and and mandatory fees by the invoice due date) $100
Co-op Course Fee $55
Alternative Credit Fees
Bypassed Credit, per credit $5
CLEP, per test $25 (plus ETS fee paid to ETS)
Credit by Examination (undergraduate and postbaccalaureate) per credit $30
TestPrep Tutorial $100 per course

Facility Fee

Fee Cost
Student Facility Fee $18.55/credit hour up to a maximum of 12 credit hours

General Service Fee

Fee Cost
Akron Campus & College of Applied Science and Technology pursuing a bachelor’s degree $35.70/credit hour up to a maximum of 12 credit hours
Akron Campus pursuing an associate’s degree in College of Applied Science and Technology $27.60/credit hour up to a maximum of 12 credit hours
Medina County University/Center Wayne College $7.34/credit hour up to a maximum of 12 credit hours

Technology Fee

Fee Cost
Academic Level: 0-95.5 Credits $13.20/credit hour
Academic Level: 96 Credits or More Exempt

Audit and Non-Credit (Developmental) Courses

The cost is the same whether a course is taken for credit non-credit (developmental) or audit.

Miscellaneous Fees

Career Advantage Services Fees

Fee Cost
All undergraduate students except students with 96 credits or more $3/credit hour

Career Services

Fee Cost
Registration Fee for alumni and reciprocity (covers 12-month cost of employer referrals) $45

Center for Child Development (Child care facility)

Fee Description Period Amount
Registration (Fall through Summer) (Non Refundable) $75 per child
Insurance (Fall through Summer) $35 per child
Enrollment (Preschool and School Age --Full Day)
University Full-Time, per week $200
Community Full-Time, per week $210
Part Time - 3 days/week (M,W,F) $150
Part Time - 2 days/week (T,R) $115
Toddler Program
University Full-Time, per week $220
Community Full-Time, per week $230
Part Time - 3 days/week (M,W,F) $165
Part Time - 2 days/week (T,R) $123
Activity Fee (Fall through Summer) $75 per child
Field Trip T-Shirt $15
Late Pick-up Fees (for children who are not picked up by the Center's stated closing time)
1 - 15 minutes after closing $25
16 - 30 minutes after closing $50
Late Fee Payment (assessed if weekly tuition is not paid by the second school day your child is in attendance during the week) $10/week
Family Discount (given to the older child when more than one child from the same family is registered full-time) 10%

LeBron James Family Foundation College of Education

Fee Cost
Tk20 Portfolio $100

Counseling, Testing and Career Center

Fee Cost
Cognitive Functioning and Academic Achievement Tests $55
Learning Disability Battery $100
ACT Residual Test $60
ACT Residual Test Standby ($20 plus $60 ACT fee) $80
College Level Examination Program (CLEP) $25 (plus ETS fee paid to ETS)
Educational Testing Services Fee (Currently $80; subject to change throughout the year. Fee is paid directly to ETS.)
Correspondence Testing $20/hr
Miller Analogies Test $90
Professional Consultation Fee per hour $120
Individual Administration of ACT Residual Test $155
Psychological and Career Tests $10
Psychological Assessment (not part of Counseling - an independent test) $50
Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ADSD) Assessment $150
CDs (For relaxation, stress management, etc.) $1

Dance Institute Fees

Fee Description Period Amount
Placement Fee with Pre-Registration $20.00
Placement Fee without Pre-Registration $30.00
New Student Registration Fee $10.00
Summer Curriculum (1-4 weeks)
Advanced 4 weeks $1,020.00
3 weeks $800.00
2 weeks $538.00
1 week $318.00
Intermediate II 4 weeks $900.00
3 weeks $710.00
2 weeks $510.00
Intermediate I 4 weeks $848.00
3 weeks $662.00
2 weeks $476.00
Beginner/Advanced-Beginner 2 weeks $311.00
Afternoon Beginner/Advanced-Beginner Arts Camp w/ dance (2 weeks) $140.00
Afternoon Arts Camp only (2 weeks) $204.00
Pre-Ballet/Storybook Dance (one 45-minute classes/week) 4 weeks $55.00
Tap (2 classes/week) $110.00
Adults:(one class/week) 5 weeks
Ballet/Jazz/Modern - 1.5 hours $70.00
Pilates -based Mat Exercise/Hip-Hop/Ballet - 1 hour $57.00
Summer Single Classes $15.00
Program Discounts (only one type of discount may be applied)
UA Faculty & Staff Family 20% off per person
Multiple Child/Family Member Attending 25% off 2nd, 30% off 3rd
UA Dance Majors/Minors 20% off full summer program and/or single class
Academic Year Curriculum (two 16-week semesters total)
Advanced 9 classes/week $3,100.00
Intermediate II 7 classes/week $2,624.00
Intermediate I 6 classes/week $2,318.00
Advancd-Beginner 4 classes/week $1,722.00
Beginner B 3 classes/week $1,304.00
Beginner A 2 classes/week $872.00
Pre-Ballet 1 class/week $438.00
Storybook Dance 1 class/week $438.00
Tap 1 class/week $438.00
Ballet/Jazz/Modern - 1.5 hours 1 class/week $448.00
Pilates-based Mat Exercise/Hip-Hop/Ballet - 1 hour 1 class/week $360.00
Academic Year Single Classes $15.00
Singles Classes for UA Dance students $7.50
Program Discounts
UA Faculty & Staff Family 20% off per person
Multiple Child/Family Member Attending Dance Institute 25% off 2nd, 30% off 3rd
Refund Service Charge (per refund) $25.00
This fee would be charged to any student or student's parent who has paid tuition and requests a refund due to an injury or an extenuating circumstance. (No charge would be incurred for crediting the tuition to the time period when the student returns.)
*Late Pick-up Fees (beginning 10 minutes after the end of the last class) $15 per hour

Developmental Support Fees

Fee Cost
Charged to all students enrolled in Developmental courses $12.50/credit hour

Engineering Infrastructure Fee – All Engineering Courses

Fee Cost
Infrastructure Fee – all engineering courses $26/credit hour

English Language Institute

Fee Cost
Late Registration $50
Application fee $50
Materials fee, per level, per semester/8-week session $50/40

Health Services

Fee Cost
Allergy injections $6
Immunizations $24-$61
Laboratory Tests (avg. costs for most common tests) $6-$196
Prescribed Medications/Treatments $3.60-$43.20
Visit fee $15

ID Fees

Fee Cost
ZipCard Replacement $20

Insufficient Funds Fees

Fee Cost
"Insufficient Funds" or returned check charge and VISA/Mastercard returns for Insufficient Funds $25

International Programs

Fee Cost
Guest Travel Abroad Participant Fee $300

Liability Fees

Fee Cost
Liability Insurance Fee, Student Nursing $15
Liability Insurance Fee, Allied Health Technology/Surgeon's Assistant $61.50
Liability Insurance Fee, Allied Health Technology/Other than Surgeon's Assistant $15

Library Fees (Bierce, Auburn Science and Wayne)

Fee Cost
Library Fee (excluding seniors, Law School and Wayne College students); College of Applied Science and Technology associate students 0-95.5 credit hours $4/credit hour; $3/credit hour
Photocopies and printing charges $.07/page
Overdue Materials
UA students, undergraduate ($20 maximum) .10/day
Non-University borrowers ($20 maximum) .25/day
Replacement Cost plus $20 surcharge
Fines for recalled materials $1/day
Fines for hourly reserve materials $2/hour ($50 max.)
Fines for daily reserve materials $2/hour ($50 max.)
Fines for OhioLINK loans $.50/day ($50 max.)
Fines for laptop computer late fee $10/hour ($100 max.)
Archival Services
Photograph for personal use $5 + costs
Photograph for commercial use $75 + costs
Research time by assistant (min. 2 hrs) $20/hour
Photocopying time by assistant (min. 2 hrs) $15/hour + copies
Photocopies $.25/copy + postage
Film footage for commercial use (price varies) $45/second
Research Service (1-hour minimum charged)
UA students, faculty and staff At cost
Research fee (charged in 15 min. increments) $90/hour

Nutrition Center

Fee Cost
Minimum Fee $5
Initial Comprehensive Nutrition Assessment $80
Individual 50-minute session $50
Additional quarter session $12.50
Additional half session $25
Follow-up Nutrition Session $25
Nutrition Screening $15
Computerized Nutrient Analysis $30/day
Group Sessions (per session, per member) $15
Special Services
Indirect Calorimetry $75
Body Composition Testing (BIA, skinfold measurement) $15
Nutrition Education Presentation $120
Menu Planning Consultation $75
Computerized Menu Analysis (per hour) $75
Food Systems Management Consultation (per hour) $75
Sports Nutrition Testing & Consultation (per-hour) $80
Athletic Team Performance & Recovery Service (Includes three 50-minute group sessions, three screening sessions and two on- or off-season education presentations)
Up to 20 athletes $2,000
21 or more athletes $100 each additional athlete
Nutrition Education/Instruction Materials Acquisition cost x 1.5
(A sliding scale or the Health & Human Services guideline on poverty will be used if the client has no insurance and if the family income and the number of dependents indicate there is a need.)

Off-Campus Student Services

Fee Cost
Locker Rental Fee per semester $25
Damaged or Lost Equipment Fee Cost + 10%

Student Conduct and Community Standards

Fee Cost
Administrative Fees
Finding of Responsibility:
Agreement reached during Fact Finding $50
Agreement reached through Hearing Board Process $75
Disciplinary Fines
Restitution for lost/stolen/damaged while in possession (max) Cost plus 20%
Substance Abuse Violations:
Alcohol use/possession/distribution 1st, 2nd, 3rd offense $50, $100, $150
Drug/controlled substance use/possession 1st, 2nd, 3rd offense $100, $150, $250
Serious Violations of the Code of Conduct
Violent/threatening behavior $150
Theft $150
Weapons $150
Drug sales/distribution, 1st offense $150
Other Fines: Impose a fine on the student which corresponds to the nature of the violation, not to exceed the maximum value of $250. For example, fines may be imposed for issues such as students who host or promote large parties or events that are no in compliance with Akron city regulation and/or result in negative consequence for the university community. $0-$250

Student Recreation and Wellness Services

Full details including the full list of membership and guest fees can be found at the Student Recreation and Wellness Services website

University Police Department

Fee Cost
Police Service Calls (for vehicle assistance) $10
Special Events Detail (3 hour minimum) $44/hour
Police Report – 1-5 pages No Charge
6 or more pages .05/page
Fingerprinting – Students, faculty and staff $5/card
All others $15/card
Photo $5
Web-based records check: BCI only/FBI only/BCI and FBI $29/$31/$56

Parking and Transportation Fees

Complete student transportation information and instructions and costs of obtaining a parking permit can be found on the Parking Services website.

Students and employees who desire a twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week parking privilege may apply for a permit and be assessed an optional parking permit fee for such privilege. The University may limit the locations that such permit shall be valid, and may limit the number of such permits that will be issued per year, per academic term, or other period. Qualified residence hall students will receive this parking privilege pursuant to the terms of their residence hall contract, without the necessity of paying an additional optional parking permit fee.

Enrollment Cancellation

An undergraduate student whose financial account shows an amount due after their assigned due dates risks having all or part of their registration for current and/or future terms cancelled; however, non-payment of fees does not guarantee enrollment cancellation. If a student enrolls in classes and then decides not to attend, it is still the student’s responsibility to drop their classes to ensure the proper credit toward fees for the term, as defined by the current refund policy.

How to drop a class

Payment Plans and Options

Payment plans are available to help those students who cannot pay the full charges for tuition, on-campus housing and/or the meal plan at the start of the semester. To read more and sign up, visit the Payment Options portion of the Office of Student Accounts website.

Student Health and Accident Insurance

All registered students taking six or more credit hours, doctoral students, ELI students and other special academic program students are eligible to enroll in a student health insurance plan offered by the Leonard Insurance Company on behalf of the University. All registered international students taking credit hours are required to purchase this insurance plan unless proof of comparable coverage is furnished. Visit the Student Health Insurance page located within the Student Health Services website.

Veterans Information

Full veteran information can be found at the Military Services Center website. The mission of the Center is to provide comprehensive enrollment and referral services to veterans and their families, making the transition to The University of Akron as smooth as possible.

Regulations Regarding Refunds

The Office of Student Accounts helps students and parents by addressing questions and concerns about refunds if needed. Complete details are located on that website.

Residence Hall Refunds

Refund/Release and Forfeiture Policy

A contract for housing accommodations at The University of Akron upon being breached by the student or otherwise terminated by The University of Akron is subject to the following refund provisions:

A full refund of room fees and the Prepayment under the following circumstances:

  • Graduation of the student from The University of Akron;
  • Academic dismissal of the student from The University of Akron;
  • Non-attendance or complete withdrawal by the student from The University of Akron prior to the start of the Contract term (except the advance rental payment of one hundred fifty dollars which shall be forfeited). The one hundred fifty dollar deposit be refunded for new entering students and new transfer students when notification of intent to break Contract is received prior to the fifteenth of May for the following fall semester; or
  • In the event mandatory or recommended participation in academic programs of The University of Akron requires the student to commute regularly beyond the Akron metropolitan area (i.e., student teaching or co-op assignments)

A partial refund of paid room and board fees, except the Prepayment fee, once occupancy has been established (e.g., acceptance of room keys and/or signing occupancy document) will be prorated beginning on the date the student officially surrenders use of University housing and returns all appropriate keys (room and apartment keys) to University staff and satisfies University-mandated housing separation requirements and procedures under the following circumstances:

  • Cancellation of the entire Contract term after the start of the fall semester and subsequent spring semester; or
  • Cancellation of a single semester Contract after the start of that semester

A partial refund of paid room and board fees when the student has fulfilled fall semester obligations and breaches the Contract for spring semester, except when under any dismissal or suspension. The student shall pay, as administrative fee for breach of the terms of the Contract, an amount of $200.00.

A student shall remain responsible for the full cost of the then-current residence hall Contract term if the University, it its sole discretion, terminates the contract:

  • For reasons related to the orderly operation of the residence halls, or for reasons relating to the health, physical or emotional safety and well-being of the persons or property of students, faculty, staff or University property; or
  • In the event that the student is dismissed or suspended from The University of Akron for disciplinary reasons in accordance with law or the rules and regulations of the Board of Trustees, or, if the student is suspended or placed on terms of disciplinary probation in accordance with law or the rules and regulations of the Board of Trustees, whereby such terms of probation prohibit the student from residing in University housing accommodations

Contract cancellations for a current semester received after the 12th week of that semester will be assessed the full semester fees.

The student is financially responsible for fees incurred through the date of such termination, dismissal, suspension or probation or until the student has completed the check-out process with the appropriate University employee, whichever date is later.

Notice requirements. All notices of intent to break this contract must be submitted in writing to the Department of Residence Life and Housing. If the student is under the age of eighteen years, the written notification of termination must be co-signed by the student’s parent or legal guardian.

No-Show Policy. The University will hold a student’s assignment until close of business on Wednesday of the first week of each semester. At that time the room will be reassigned, student’s Contract will be cancelled and Prepayment will be forfeited, or cancellation fee incurred, whichever is applicable.