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Additional Academic Programs and Services

Study Abroad

Global awareness and intercultural communication are critical competencies for graduates entering the workforce, regardless of intended profession. Participation in an Education Abroad program is an opportunity to develop these skills while enhancing one’s academic and personal growth. Students at The University of Akron have the opportunity to study in almost any country for a few weeks to a full academic year. The International Center at UA cultivates exchange relationships with universities in countries such as France, South Korea, China, Vietnam, Japan, and the Netherlands. UA also maintains affiliation agreements with several outside organizations that offer a wide variety of education abroad opportunities. In addition, several academic units sponsor short-term faculty-led programs. For more information, students may schedule an advising appointment or attend the Education Abroad Fair in September.

Learning Communities/Living-Learning Communities

A Learning Community is a group of students who take two to four classes together. Faculty members integrate topics and assignments across the courses so that what is being learned in one course reinforces and complements what is being learned in the other courses. Many courses in Learning Communities apply toward baccalaureate and associate degree requirements; some courses fulfill General Education requirements. Students in any major are welcome to participate in a Learning Community.

Living-Learning Communities (LLC) are established to provide distinctive settings where student academic success is supported through residential experiences.

Living-Learning Communities bring academics into the residence halls through mentorship by upperclass leaders, faculty and staff support, specialized programs and linkage between coursework. From Outdoor Adventure to ROTC; Business to Pre-Med, there is an LLC available to hundreds of students each year.

Academic Achievement Programs

Academic Achievement Programs is dedicated to the mission of preparing Akron middle and high school students for greater access and success in higher education. Systematic academic, social and cultural experiences are provided through four distinct programs during the academic year, along with a six week summer enrichment component. These experiences expand and enhance their academic instruction and adds value to the overall development of students. Activities are intended to empower students to make better decisions at home, in school and in personal relationships, which will help improve their self worth, impact high school graduation rates and facilitate the successful admission to and graduation from post secondary educational institutions.

The Reserve Officer Training Program (Army ROTC)

The University of Akron supports and promotes a robust officer training program — Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC). ROTC produces leaders for the Army while building better citizens for America. ROTC is a military educational program designed to give men and women the opportunity to become officers while earning a college degree. The program requires a set of classes and labs in addition to your other college courses. Typically, ROTC credits can be applied as general elective credits toward your degree. Students can also earn a Military Science Minor by completing 18 credit hours. ROTC offers generous scholarships, leadership training, and many other experiences simply not available through any other college course. ROTC classes and leadership training will help you sharpen your analytical skills; you’ll learn to evaluate changing conditions and make appropriate decisions. Upon successful completion of the prescribed coursework and training, students receive a commission in either the active duty Army, Reserves or National Guard. 

Office of Multicultural Development

The mission of the Office of Multicultural Development (OMD) at The University of Akron is to prepare students to live and excel in a global society. As an advocate for equity and social justice, they ensure that students of diverse ethnic, social and cultural backgrounds achieve their fullest potential in an affirming environment which supports access, retention, and successful completion of goals. This mission is characterized by extensive student-focused collaboration with all segments of the campus community.

Services of The Office of Multicultural Development include our Peer Mentoring program, Learning Communities and academic advising. Peer Mentoring, one-on-one relationship between an experienced student-mentor dedicated to student success. Our Peer Mentors go through intense and thorough training in order to meet the needs of students of all backgrounds and provide them a safe, stable and confidential place to be mentored.  OMD’s Learning Communities help to support the growth, retention, support and completion of a bachelors    program by students from various ethnic, social and cultural backgrounds. OMD also provides first-year advising as a wrap-around services for students as well as a two-day New Student Orientation experience known as our ADVANCE New Student Orientation program.

The Office of Multicultural Development is also heavily involved with the planning and execution of the nationally recognized Black Male Summit which is held each spring, and created for educators, employers, parents/guardians of black males and other males of color in an effort to support this vulnerable demographic in the successful acceptance, attendance and completion of high school and college.

Adult Focus

Adult Focus is an academic support service designed to assist adults and military veterans as they transition in their role as students to The University of Akron. It offers academic support, transitional coursework, advocacy, and scholarship referral and assistance throughout their academic career. Any student, regardless of age, whose primary life roles and responsibilities exist independent of the University and take precedence over the role of student in times of crisis or stress is considered to be an adult student.

UA Solutions

UA Solutions offers professional certification and noncredit courses to businesses, organizations and individuals. Classes are scheduled weekdays, evenings and weekends. Many courses are approved by professional, national and state organizations for certificate and license re-certification. More than 300 classroom and online courses are available each semester.

UA Solutions is a full service consulting firm operating from The University of Akron.  We exist as a liaison between the immense collection of resources within the University, and our region’s corporations of all sizes and industries.  Our value, both to the University and to our clients, is a powerful and customizable solution-based service that identifies development opportunities and produces programs and solutions that can only come from the expertise of The University of Akron.

UA Solutions instructors customize and conduct employee training onsite for companies and organizations.

Additional Locations

The University operates several educational centers in our surrounding communities.

University Partnership Program - Lorain County Community College (LCCC)

The University Partnership Program brings colleges and universities, including The University of Akron, to the LCCC campus to offer the coursework and programs that students need for bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Degrees offered parallel those that LCCC offers, enabling students to move into higher level degrees without leaving LCCC. More information is available by calling the University Partnership at 800-995-5222 ext. 4949.