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Center for Family Studies

The Center for Family Studies, established in 1979, was designed to stimulate and encourage the interdisciplinary study of the family. It serves both the University and the community by fostering collaboration between faculty, students, practitioners and community leaders on curriculum development, educational conferences and seminars, research and training, and public policy relevant to important family issues.

The Center's primary goal is to facilitate the growth and development of family strengths and to enhance the quality of family life. Families and their natural societal environments are interactive and interdependent. Each influences and impacts the other; each gives and receives resources and provides value orientations. Thus, it is imperative to assess these institutions separately and in concert in order to understand the reciprocal effects and to design methods for dealing effectively with the outcomes.

The Center offers graduate certificates in Case Management for Children and Families, Divorce Mediation, Home-Based Intervention Therapy, and Parent and Family Education.

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