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Center for Information Technologies and eBusiness

The Center for Information Technologies and eBusiness (CITe) is a multi disciplinary center within the College of Business Administration. CITe was created in 2000 with the mission to teach students and develop faculty in the principles and practices of the related disciplines of Information Technology and electronic business. CITe will accomplish its mission by providing scholarships, mentoring, internships & co-op opportunities to students in the information systems discipline; provide resources to conduct research in the IT discipline to faculty, and conduct several outreach activities that promote IT among the local companies.

CITe is made up of an advisory board of Information Technology leaders from the North-East Ohio region and the College of Business Administration faculty, staff, and students. The objectives of CITe are to advance information technology (IT) and information systems (IS) programs, research, best practices, and related activities at The University of Akron. The vision of CITe is to be widely recognized as an important resource connecting IT executives with IS faculty & students at The University of Akron that will provide educational, research, and networking opportunities for students, faculty and local businesses.

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