Conflict Transformation & Social Entrepreneurship, Certificate

Certificate in Conflict Transformation & Social Entrepreneurship (370016C)

Because the skills needed to more productively navigate the conflicts in our lives overlap with the skills that characterize successful social entrepreneurs, this uniquely interdisciplinary, free-standing, certificate offers you an opportunity to learn skills designed to help you become a leader in your own life.

Program Contact
Dr. Robert Peralta
Professor, Dept of Sociology
Director, Center for Conflict Management

The following information has official approval of the Department of Sociology and the Buchtel College of Arts & Sciences, but is intended only as a guide. Completion of this certificate is contingent upon many factors, including but not limited to: class availability, total number of required credits, work schedule, finances, family, course drops/withdrawals, successfully passing courses, prerequisites, among others.

The following courses constitute a “Certificate in Conflict Transformation & Social Entrepreneurship” and must be completed with a minimum grade point average of 2.0 overall for the certificate to be noted on the student’s record.


Core Required Courses6
Total Hours9-10

Core Requirements

POLIT:334Law, Mediation, and Violence3
Complete one of the following courses:3
Social Entrepreneurship
Organizations, Community, and Social Action
Social Inequalities
Total Hours6


Complete one of the following courses:3-4
Communication & Conflict
Sociology of Law
Field Methods in Cultural Anthropology
Total Hours3-4