Automated Manufacturing Engineering Technology, BS

Bachelor of Science in Automated Manufacturing Engineering Technology (287103BS)

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Program Information

Graduates of the Automated Manufacturing Engineering Technology degree will possess knowledge in robotics, computer integrated manufacturing, computer numerical control, manufacturing processes, manufacturing operations management, and quality control techniques to enter technologist level careers in process and system design, manufacturing operations, maintenance, and technical sales or service.

The first two years can be completed as the AAS degree in Advanced Manufacturing Engineering Technology (288006AAS). Students holding a different relevant associate degree or having completed the first two years of a relevant bachelor degree program can bridge to the final two years of the BS in Automated Manufacturing Engineering Technology using the bridgework shown.

Required Bridgework

  1. Completion of a relevant associate degree program in engineering, science, or business technology (or related) or the first two years of a relevant bachelor degree program with a minimum grade point average of 2.0.
  2. Completion of AMET:241 Introduction to Quality Assurance or equivalent with a minimum grade of C.
  3. Completion of AMET:110 Manufacturing Processes or equivalent with a minimum grade of C.
  4. Completion of AMET:248 Introduction to CNC and Additive Manufacturing or equivalent with a minimum grade of C.

Cooperative Education

Cooperative education work experiences are available on an optional basis in this academic program.

The following information has official approval of the Department of Mechanical Engineering ​and The College of Engineering and Polymer Science, but is intended only as a supplemental guide. Official degree requirements are established at the time of transfer and admission to the degree-granting college. Students should refer to the Degree Progress Report (DPR) which is definitive for graduation requirements. Completion of this degree within the identified time frame below is contingent upon many factors, including but not limited to: class availability, total number of required credits, work schedule, finances, family, course drops/withdrawals, successfully passing courses, prerequisites, among others. The transfer process is completed through an appointment with your academic advisor.



General Education Requirements *
Major Courses for General Education27
Other Discipline Specific Courses 38
Math and Physical/Natural Science Courses 18
Required Courses48
Total Hours131

General Education Courses

Students pursuing a bachelor’s degree must complete the following General Education coursework. Diversity courses may also fulfill major or Breadth of Knowledge requirements. Integrated and Applied Learning courses may also fulfill requirements in the major.
Academic Foundations12
Mathematics, Statistics and Logic: 3 credit hours
Speaking: 3 credit hours
Writing: 6 credit hours
Breadth of Knowledge 22
Arts/Humanities: 9 credit hours
Natural Sciences: 7 credit hours
Social Sciences: 6 credit hours
Domestic Diversity
Global Diversity
Integrated and Applied Learning
Select one class from one of the following subcategories:
Complex Issues Facing Society
Review the General Education Requirements page for detailed course listings.
Total Hours34

Major Courses for General Education 

ENGL:111English Composition I3
COMM:263Professional Communications and Presentations3
ENGL:222Technical Report Writing3
Social Science Requirement6
Arts and Humanities Requirement9
Complex Issues Requirement3
Total Hours27

Other Discipline Specific Courses 

MCET:130Introduction to Hydraulics and Pneumatics 1,23
MCET:142Introduction to Material Technology3
MCET:121Fundamentals of Engineering Drawing3
MCET:405Introduction to Industrial Machine Control3
MCET:310Economics of Technology3
MCET:101Introduction to Mechanical Design 13
MCET:370Plastics Design & Process 13
MCET:347Production Machinery & Processes 53
EEET:210Industrial Control Panel Fabrication2
EEET:242Machinery & Controls3
EEET:370Survey of Electronics I 13
Technical Elective 46
Total Hours38

Math and Physical/Natural Science Courses 

MATH:152Technical Mathematics II 32
MATH:153Technical Mathematics III 32
MATH:154Technical Mathematics IV3
MATH:255Technical Calculus I3
PHYS:261Physics for Life Sciences I4
CHEM:151Principles of Chemistry I3
CHEM:152Principles of Chemistry I Laboratory1
Total Hours18

Required Courses

AMET:101Introduction to Advanced Manufacturing 1,32
AMET:110Manufacturing Processes 1,33
AMET:151Industrial Safety & Environmental Protection 32
AMET:248Introduction to CNC and Additive Manufacturing3
AMET:130Work Measurement & Cost Estimating3
AMET:211Manufacturing Operations 13
AMET:241Introduction to Quality Assurance3
AMET:201Robotics & Automated Manufacturing 33
AMET:311Facilities Planning 23
AMET:225Computer Aided Tool Design3
AMET:332Management of Technology Based Operations3
AMET:348CNC Programming I (Sch. lab) 13
AMET:2303-D Modeling & Design3
AMET:441Advanced Quality Practices 13
AMET:448CNC Programming II 13
AMET:480Automated Production 23
AMET:485SME Manufacturing Technologist Certification Preparation 22
Total Hours48

List of Technical Electives 

MATH:345Technical Data Analysis2
MATH:356Technical Calculus II3
MCET:251Fluid Power2
MCET:310Economics of Technology3
MCET:470Plastics Processing & Testing2
STAT:261Introductory Statistics I2
STAT:262Introductory Statistics II2
COET:225Strength of Materials3
COET:462Mechanical Service Systems3
COET:463Electrical Service Systems3
EEET:121Introduction to Electronics and Computers2
EEET:237Digital Circuits4
EEET:310National Electrical Code and Electrical System Design3

Recommended Sequence

Plan of Study Grid
1st Year
Fall SemesterHours
ENGL:111 English Composition I 3
MATH:152 Technical Mathematics II 3 2
MATH:153 Technical Mathematics III 3 2
MCET:130 Introduction to Hydraulics and Pneumatics 1,3 3
AMET:101 Introduction to Advanced Manufacturing 1,3 2
AMET:110 Manufacturing Processes 1,3 3
Spring Semester
MCET:121 Fundamentals of Engineering Drawing 3
AMET:151 Industrial Safety & Environmental Protection 2,3 2
AMET:248 Introduction to CNC and Additive Manufacturing 3
MATH:154 Technical Mathematics IV 3
Social Science Requirement 6 3
Summer Semester
Cooperative Education  
2nd Year
Fall Semester
AMET:130 Work Measurement & Cost Estimating 1 3
AMET:211 Manufacturing Operations 1 3
PHYS:261 Physics for Life Sciences I 4
COMM:263 Professional Communications and Presentations 3
ENGL:222 Technical Report Writing 3
Spring Semester
MCET:142 Introduction to Material Technology 2 3
AMET:201 Robotics & Automated Manufacturing 2 3
AMET:225 Computer Aided Tool Design 2 3
AMET:241 Introduction to Quality Assurance 3
EEET:210 Industrial Control Panel Fabrication 2
Social Science Requirement 7 3
3rd Year
Fall Semester
CHEM:151 Principles of Chemistry I 3
CHEM:152 Principles of Chemistry I Laboratory 1
AMET:348 CNC Programming I (Sch. lab) 1 3
EEET:370 Survey of Electronics I 1 3
AMET:230 3-D Modeling & Design (Lecture) 1 3
Humanities Requirement 3
Spring Semester
MATH:255 Technical Calculus I 3
MCET:310 Economics of Technology 3
EEET:242 Machinery & Controls 2 3
AMET:311 Facilities Planning 2 3
AMET:332 Management of Technology Based Operations 3
Arts and Humanities Requirement 3
4th Year
Fall Semester
MCET:101 Introduction to Mechanical Design 1 3
MCET:405 Introduction to Industrial Machine Control 1 3
MCET:370 Plastics Design & Process 1 3
AMET:448 CNC Programming II 1 3
AMET:441 Advanced Quality Practices 1 3
Fine Arts Requirement 3
Spring Semester
AMET:480 Automated Production (Sch. lab) 2 3
AMET:485 SME Manufacturing Technologist Certification Preparation 2 2
MCET:347 Production Machinery & Processes 2 3
Technical Elective 4 3
Technical Elective 4 3
Complex Issues Requirement 3
 Total Hours131

Policy Alert: By the end of your first 48 credit hours attempted, you must have completed your required General Education English, Mathematics, and Communications (Speech) requirements.

You must have a minimum cumulative GPA of a 2.0 to graduate with this degree.