Entrepreneurship (ENTRE)

ENTRE:201 Introduction to Entrepreneurship (3 Credits)

Students are exposed to different skills, mindsets, attitudes, and processes valuable for entrepreneurs and startups. This includes opportunity identification, innovative problem solving, design thinking, and the role of entrepreneurial habits and creativity. Open to all university students. (Formerly 6300:201)

ENTRE:301 New Venture Creation (3 Credits)

Prerequisite: ENTRE 201 or by permission of instructor. Students work on the development of a business plan based on their chosen career path in the field of entrepreneurship (starting or buying a small business, working for a fast growth business or corporation, new product, family business, or franchising). Open to all university students. (Formerly 6300:301)

ENTRE:360 Entrepreneurial Field Project (3 Credits)

Prerequisites: ENTRE 201 or permission of the instructor. A practical field experience where students work in a consulting role on an actual entrepreneurial project involving a small business development center, a small business incubator, or an existing small business. (Formerly 6300:360)

ENTRE:410 Selected Topics in Entrepreneurship (1-3 Credits)

Prerequisites: Must be admitted to a major in a four-year degree granting college, upper-college or graduate standing, and [MGMT 201 or HRM 600] or equivalent. Facilitates comparative international study of entrepreneurship, introduction of entrepreneurship to large organizations, or application of student's entrepreneurial skills. Six hour limit. (Formerly 6500:410)

ENTRE:450 Business Plan Development (3 Credits)

Prerequisite: ENTRE 301. Students will work independently, with mentoring from the instructor, on an entrepreneurial project. Students will gain hands-on experience in developing a business plan for starting, acquiring, or expanding a business. (Formerly 6300:450)