Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technology, AAS

Associate of Applied Science in Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technology (286001AAS)

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Program Information

This program prepares individuals for work as technicians in developing, manufacturing, installing, testing and maintaining electrical and electronic equipment and systems. 

Career Information

The demand by industry for electronic technicians is now and will continue to be great. Electronic technicians find employment in many areas of the electronics field; some of the specific career opportunities include:

  • Computer Technician - installation, implementation, maintenance of data processing hardware and systems.
  • Engineering Aide - assists engineers in the design, development, and testing of new electronic equipment.
  • Customer-Service Technician - installs, operates, and maintains electronic equipment located at the customer's installation. Also provides training for the customer's personnel.
  • Communications Technician - installs and operates various types of commercial and govt. communications equipment.
  • Plant Technician - works in electronic manufacturing operations in designing and setting up quality control and other tests for manufactured products. Also may supervise and train electronic production workers

Cooperative Education

Co-op work experiences are available on an optional basis in this academic program.

Bachelor Degree Programs

Upon completion of the Associate of Applied Science in Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technology, a student may proceed to the Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technology (286103BS).

The following information has official approval of The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering ​and The College of Engineering and Polymer Science, but is intended only as a supplemental guide. Official degree requirements are established at the time of transfer and admission to the degree-granting college. Students should refer to the Degree Progress Report (DPR) which is definitive for graduation requirements. Completion of this degree within the identified time frame below is contingent upon many factors, including but not limited to: class availability, total number of required credits, work schedule, finances, family, course drops/withdrawals, successfully passing courses, prerequisites, among others. The transfer process is completed through an appointment with your academic advisor. Transfer students should consult their Advisor to identify courses that are equivalent.


Required Courses35
General Education Courses 12
Math and Physical/Natural Science Courses14
Total Hours61

Required Courses

EEET:120Circuit Fundamentals 14
EEET:121Introduction to Electronics and Computers 12
EEET:122AC Circuits 24
EEET:123Electronic Devices 24
EEET:225Applications of Electronic Devices 14
EEET:237Digital Circuits 14
EEET:238Microprocessor Applications 24
EEET:242Machinery & Controls3
EEET:251Electronic Communications 24
EEET:260Electrical and Electronic Project 22
Total Hours35

General Education Courses 

ENGL:111English Composition I3
COMM:263Professional Communications and Presentations 43
PAFS:256Diversity in American Society 73
SOCIO:243Contemporary Global Issues 83
Total Hours12

Math and Physical/Natural Science Courses 

MATH:153Technical Mathematics III2
MATH:154Technical Mathematics IV3
MATH:255Technical Calculus I 33
PHYS:160Technical Physics: Mechanics 54
PHYS:164Technical Physics: Heat & Light 52
Total Hours14

Recommended Sequence 

Plan of Study Grid
1st Year
Fall SemesterHours
ENGL:111 English Composition I 3 3
MATH:153 Technical Mathematics III 2
COMM:263 Professional Communications and Presentations 4,9 3
EEET:120 Circuit Fundamentals (Sch. lab) 1 4
EEET:121 Introduction to Electronics and Computers (Sch. lab) 1 2
Spring Semester
MATH:154 Technical Mathematics IV 3
EEET:122 AC Circuits (Sch. lab) 2 4
EEET:123 Electronic Devices (Sch. lab) 2 4
PHYS:160 Technical Physics: Mechanics (Sch. lab) 5 4
2nd Year
Fall Semester
MATH:255 Technical Calculus I 6 3
EEET:225 Applications of Electronic Devices (Sch. lab) 1 4
EEET:237 Digital Circuits (Sch. lab) 1 4
EEET:242 Machinery & Controls (Sch. lab) 3
PAFS:256 Diversity in American Society 7,9 3
Spring Semester
EEET:238 Microprocessor Applications (Sch. lab) 2 4
EEET:251 Electronic Communications (Sch. lab) 2 4
EEET:260 Electrical and Electronic Project (Sch. lab) 2 2
PHYS:164 Technical Physics: Heat & Light (Sch. lab) 5 2
SOCIO:243 Contemporary Global Issues 8,9 3
 Total Hours61