Nursing, RN/BSN

Nursing, RN/BSN (820002BS)

The RN to BSN program is designed for the registered nurse with a diploma or associate degree of nursing from an accredited program. It is especially designed for those who are interested in obtaining a baccalaureate degree in nursing. The program also offers a pathway for continuing on to a master’s degree in nursing.

The RN program consists of 31 hours of upper-division baccalaureate coursework (one calendar year full time; part time options available).  Students may opt to take up to 3 graduate courses for a total of 8 credits towards their MSN. Continuation in the graduate program is predicated on meeting graduate program requirements and acceptance into the graduate nursing program.


School of Nursing

Mary Gladwin Hall

Student Success Center, Room 313

(330) 972-6061


  1. Valid state license as a registered nurse. Must pass NCLEX prior to beginning Nursing of Communities course.
  2. Admission to the University of Akron and School of Nursing.
  3. Grade of a “C" or above in all prerequisite courses. Courses taken at other colleges may be used to receive credit towards prerequisite requirements.
  4. A minimum Grade Point Average of 2.75. Grades of transfer work are combined with those earned at The University of Akron in the computation of the admission GPA.


All RN students are admitted directly to the School of Nursing as undergraduates. School of Nursing advisors will guide the student as to the pre and co-requisite courses needed and develop a plan of study that will best meet the student's needs.


Distance Learning Option: Attend classes in at one of four locations:

Separately, we also offer the same program 100% online.

Prerequisite courses for entry into the RN-to-BSN sequence
3100:130Principles of Microbiology3
3100:200Human Anatomy & Physiology I3
3100:201Human Anatomy & Physiology Laboratory I1
3100:202Human Anatomy & Physiology II3
3100:203Human Anatomy & Physiology Laboratory II1
Any Chemistry course with a lab4
Corequisite courses for the RN-to-BSN sequence
3300:111English Composition I3
3300:112English Composition II3
3470:250Statistics for Everyday Life4
or 3470:260 Basic Statistics
3750:100Introduction to Psychology3
3750:230Developmental Psychology4
7600:105Introduction to Public Speaking3
or 7600:106 Effective Oral Communication
3230:150Human Cultures3
or 3850:100 Introduction to Sociology
3600:120Introduction to Ethics3
Global Diversity Requirement3
Arts or Humanities Requirement3
*CLEP options available (Credit by Examination)
Nursing Courses for RN-to-BSN
8200:336Concepts of Professional Nursing - RN Only3
8200:337Health Assessment/RN - RN Only3
8200:405Nursing Care of Healthy Individuals/Families - RN Only3
8200:406Palliative Nursing Care - RN Only3
8200:415Complex Care of Aging Families/RN only3
8200:436Nursing Research/RN Only3
8200:444Community Engagement/RN2
8200:445Nursing of Communities - RN Only3
8200:446Professional Nursing Leadership - RN Only3
8200:447Leadership Engagement/RN2
8200:448Professional Nursing Capstone - RN Only3