Academic Catalog


Admission Requirements

  • Meet the general requirements for admission to the Graduate School.
  • Possess an undergraduate major in communication, journalism or a related field; or, complete at least 15 semester credits of undergraduate communication coursework approved by the department.
  • Three letters of recommendation.
  • Statement of purpose.
  • Resume

Note: Even though an applicant is eligible for consideration, an offer of admission is not guaranteed.

Program Requirements

School Core Courses – 12 credits

  • 7600:600 Introduction to Graduate Study in Communication (3 credits)

Choose two of the following courses:

  • 7600:602 Qualitative Methods in Communication (3 credits)
  • 7600:603 Quantitative Methods in Communication  (3 credits)
  • 7600:670 Communication Criticism (3 credits)

Choose one of the following courses:

  • 7600:624 Survey of Communication Theory (3 credits)
  • 7600:625 Theories of Mass Communication (3 credits)

Graduate Electives – 6 credits

Thesis (699) or Project/Production (698) – 6 credits

Degree total – 36 credits

Comprehensive examination required for students not pursuing a thesis, project, or production after 24 credits of coursework, including all core courses.

Registration for six credits of Thesis (699) or Project/Production (698).

Presentation and defense of a thesis/project/production:

  • The thesis, project, or production requirement is designed to be the culmination of the student’s academic program and involves the conceptualization, design and execution of an academic, practical, or aesthetic problem in a manner which requires a high level of substantive, methodological, technical, and written skills. These skills may be demonstrated in any of the three types of activities, depending on the student’s background and career orientation.