Computer Science, Minor

Minor in Computer Science (346000M)

To qualify for the Computer Science Minor Program, a student must be in good academic standing in the major department, must have completed four credits of mathematics in the Department of Mathematics and must submit to the department chair of Computer Science a written request for admission to the program. The request will outline the student's reasons and goals for enrolling in the program. A minimum grade-point average of 2.00 in the minor is required. To minimize double counting of credits among different degree programs, the elective credits earned in the minor program cannot be counted towards any other programs (major, minor or certificate) at The University of Akron. In addition, the credits earned in the Computer Science minor program cannot be counted towards the Computer Science Certificate Program.

The following information has official approval of the Department of Computer Science and The College of Engineering and Polymer Science, but is intended only as a guide. Completion of this minor is contingent upon many factors, including but not limited to: class availability, total number of required credits, work schedule, finances, family, course drops/withdrawals, successfully passing courses, prerequisites, among others.

The following courses constitute a “Minor in Computer Science” and must be completed with a minimum grade point average of 2.0 overall for the minor to be noted on the student’s record. The credits earned in the minor program cannot be counted towards the Computer Science certificate program. Please refer to the University Requirements for Minor Areas of Study for specific graduation information regarding minors.


Required Courses18-19
Total Hours24-25

Required Courses

3450:208Introduction to Discrete Mathematics4
3460:209Computer Science I4
3460:210Computer Science II4
3460:316Data Structures3
3450:210Calculus with Business Applications3-4
or 3450:221 Analytic Geometry-Calculus I
Total Hours18-19


Select 6 credits of 300/400-Level Computer Science Electives6
3460:3xx300-level Computer Science Elective
3460:4xx400-level Computer Science Elective
Total Hours6