Applied History and Public Humanities, MA

The Master of Arts in Applied History and Public Humanities offers advanced training requiring study deeper, broader, and more sophisticated than is expected at the undergraduate level. With a focus on public history, students will earn both an M.A. and a Certificate in Public Humanities. The program trains students in content, theory, and application through coursework in History and other departments and experiential learning. It prepares students for further study or careers in humanities organizations, businesses, government, or the non-profit sector.

Admission Requirements

Students applying for admission to the M.A. program must have a minimum undergraduate grade point average of 3.0. The applicant’s average in history courses should be substantially higher. Applicants must also have completed at least 24 semester or 36 quarter hours in history courses at the undergraduate level.

An application to the M.A. program consists of the following:

  1. An application form.
  2. A letter of intent, stating the applicant’s reasons for wishing to pursue graduate work and the fields of history which the applicant intends to study.
  3. Scores from the Graduate Record Examination (GRE), General Aptitude Test.
  4. A writing sample, preferably a research paper from a history class.
  5. Three letters of recommendation, preferably from faculty who know the applicant well.
  6. Applicants whose native language is not English must have a score of at least 79 on the internet-based TOEFL.

The Graduate Committee may grant provisional admission to applicants whose qualifications do not warrant full admission, but whose academic records indicate promise of successful performance. When these students have completed 15 semester credits with a 3.0 average or better, the Director of Graduate Studies will petition the Graduate School to grant full admission.

Students whose undergraduate work falls well below the minimum standards of admissions but who believe they have the ability and ambition for graduate work may demonstrate their capability by taking upper-level undergraduate courses. As post-baccalaureate students, they may apply for Provisional Admission after having completed twelve credit hours of history with a 4.0 average or sixteen credit hours with a 3.0 average.

Field 1: Public History
IHSC:501Foundations of Museums and Archives I 13
IHSC:502Foundations of Museums and Archives II 13
HIST:666Reading Seminar in American History to 1877 14
or HIST:669 Reading Seminar in American History Since 1877
Field 2: Thematic History: Conflict and Memory, Media and History8
Select 8 Hours from the Following Courses
HIST:610Graduate Reading Seminar in Comparative Studies of World Civilizations
HIST:612Reading Seminar: The Middle East
HIST:631Reading Seminar in Modern European History to 1815
HIST:634Reading Seminar in Modern European History Since 1815
HIST:651Reading Seminar: The Modern British Empire
HIST:669Reading Seminar in American History Since 1877 1
or HIST:666 Reading Seminar in American History to 1877
HIST:677Reading Seminar in Latin American History
HIST:680Reading Seminar: China
Field 3: Public Humanities6
Select minimum of 6 credit hours from two different departments 1
ENGL:689Seminar in English 2
COMM:540Strategic Social Media
THEA:533Theatre Organization and Production Management
THEA:555Creating Performance
THEA:567Multi-Cultural Theatre
THEA:576Theatre and Community Action
AADMN:660Colloquium on the Arts
AADMN:630Fund Raising & Grantsmanship in the Arts
AADMN:620Arts Administration Practices & Policies
History Required Courses
HIST:601Graduate Research Seminar in History 14
Total Hours31