Statistical Data Science, Certificate

The Certificate in Statistical Data Science provides an opportunity for those who already have a Bachelor's degree to acquire additional data analytics skills.  With a variety of courses to choose from, the certificate program can be tailored to one's particular needs or interests.  The courses are taught from an applications perspective, so they are accessible to students from a variety of technical and non-technical backgrounds.  Because many of the courses are available either in the evenings or through an online format, the certificate can be completed by those whose job or family responsibilities preclude attending daytime classes.

Admission Requirements

1) Admission to the Graduate School.

2) An introductory statistics course, either at the undergraduate or graduate level.  

Required Courses
STAT:665Regression 13
or STAT:562 Applied Regression and ANOVA
STAT:580Statistical Data Management3
Electives -- Choose any three of the following
STAT:576Bayesian Statistics3
CPSC:545Introduction to Bioinformatics3
STAT:577Time Series Analysis3
STAT:583Advanced Statistical Computing3
STAT:584Introduction to Machine Learning3
STAT:585Applied Analytics-Decision Trees3
STAT:586Spatial-temporal Statistics3
STAT:668Multivariate Statistical Methods3


STAT:562 Applied Regression and ANOVA is 4 credits