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Center for Advanced Vehicles and Energy Systems

The Center for Advanced Vehicles and Energy Systems (CAVES), established in 2005, focuses on the research, development and dissemination of advanced automotive technology and alternative energy systems and their enabling technologies. The Center’s efforts are geared toward product-oriented research, development and commercialization of efficient cost-effective solutions to alternative transportation systems, advanced energy sources and storage and their real-time control platforms. In addition to providing research services to industry, private and government agencies, CAVES also provides knowledge dissemination through symposia, lectures, seminars and project-oriented graduate and undergraduate design experiences.

The Electrical and Computer Engineering and Mechanical Engineering departments have graduate and undergraduate students and faculty currently involved in hybrid vehicle technology, energy systems and related areas. CAVES’ activities are housed within a number of facilities, including the Power Electronics Laboratory, the Controls Research Laboratory, the Battery Research Facility, the Hybrid Electric Facility and the Pervasive Automation Laboratory, among others.

Website: Center for Advanced Vehicles and Energy Systems