The EX[L] Center for Community Engaged Learning

The mission of the EX[L] Center is to help students emerge as civically-engaged, adaptable leaders, ready to join in the enterprise of building strong and sustainable communities by promoting hands-on, community-based, problem-centered learning.  

To address this mission, EX[L] seeks to

  • support, expand, and create community-based opportunities that encourage UA faculty and students to engage in Akron
  • sustain and develop connections between UA's stakeholders and local changemakers
  • help students develop a connection to Akron as they explore their own interdisciplinary and innovative pathways to a degree
  • assist faculty with creating innovative, transdisciplinary, community-engaged learning strategies

The EX[L] Center offers students the opportunity to earn a Certificate in Applied Community Engagement, sponsors [Un]classes and community-engaged courses, and provides a number of other curricular and co-curricular learning opportunities alongside community partners.   

Website: The EX[L] Center for Community Engaged Learning