Institute for Biomedical Engineering Research

This institute was established in 1979 to promote interdisciplinary studies in the rapidly growing areas of knowledge, which overlap the fields of biology and medicine, on the one hand, and engineering and the physical sciences, on the other. It conducts seminars, courses and degree programs in biomedical engineering in association with the College of Engineering and individual departments.

In addition to its research and educational functions, the institute provides a research service to local hospitals and industry, as well as to private and government agencies. The premise for this program is that the combined resources of the University, Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine and affiliated organizations will often permit more cost-effective solutions than would be possible by an individual or group doing the research independently.

The work of the institute is carried out by faculty of the Department of Biomedical Engineering in association with members selected from the faculties of The University of Akron and Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine, as well as from the ranks of area physicians, engineers and scientists. The institute and the department occupy the third floor of the Olson Research Center on the north edge of the campus.