Academic Catalog

Center for Family Studies

The Center for Family Studies, established in 1979, was designed to stimulate and encourage the interdisciplinary study of the family. It serves both the University and the community by fostering collaboration between faculty, students, practitioners and community leaders on curriculum development, educational conferences and seminars, research and training and public policy relevant to important family issues. The Center is a member of the Sloan (Foundation) Work and Family Research Network and can supply current and credible information on work-family issues to its constituencies.

The Center is represented by faculty from a variety of disciplines. It also includes leaders from various community systems,such as schools, hospitals, courts, churches, mental health, social and health care agencies. In addition, the Center has a fellows program in which outstanding faculty and community leaders are named as fellows,adjunct fellows or senior fellows.

The Center offers certificates in the following specialty areas: Parent Education, Divorce Mediation and Home-Based Intervention.

Any student, faculty member or community person interested in family issues is invited to contact the director to learn how they can participate or learn more about the Center’s activities.

Website: Center for Family Studies