English Language Institute

Established in 1979, the English Language Institute (ELI), part of the Buchtel College of Arts & Sciences, offers a program in English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction. The English for Academic Purposes Program provides non-credit ESL courses to international students and nonnative residents who plan to pursue an undergraduate or graduate degree at The University of Akron or another U.S. university. The intensive, 20-hours per week program also serves individuals who wish to improve their English to meet their own professional and/or personal goals.

ELI courses at four levels of English proficiency target language and academic skills needed for successful study at a U.S. university: reading efficiently, writing clearly, taking lecture notes and communicating effectively in English. Students also study grammar and vocabulary and prepare for language proficiency tests to meet the University’s English requirement. In addition to its instructional program, the ELI administers The University of Akron Developed English Proficiency Test (the U-ADEPT), which assesses the speaking ability of prospective international teaching assistants at UA and determines their readiness to provide classroom-related services in their graduate departments.

The ELI serves as a resource on issues relating to language proficiency for University faculty, staff and students as well as for members of the local community.