Institute for Global Business

The Institute for Global Business (IGB) was established in 1996 with the mission to educate high-quality business students with the skills and understanding necessary to assume leadership roles in an increasingly global business world.
The dynamic changes in the world’s physical, political, economic and cultural environments have created new challenges along with new opportunities to effectively compete in the marketplace as it exists today and will evolve tomorrow.
In addition to our academic programs, the IGB connects students to hands-on professional development programs and practical experiences that build global fluency and prepare students to enter the global marketplace career-ready and connected. The Institute also facilitates the study abroad programs within The College of Business Administration and provides scholarships for students to attend these programs. With a focus on providing our students a holistic academic experience with significant global learning opportunities, the IGB has been an integral component of CBA since its inception. Dedicated faculty having varied international experience and expertise are committed to student success and pursue an active research agenda to provide enriched learning opportunities for students.

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Dr. Mahesh Srinivasan

Dr. Il-Woon Kim
Associate Director

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