Academic Catalog

Anthropology (3230)

3230:510. Evolution and Human Behavior. (3 Credits)

Prerequisite: Permission. Critical examination of the theory of natural selection and its usefulness for understanding the origins and evolution of early hominid and modern human social behavior.

3230:516. Anthropology of Sex and Gender. (3 Credits)

Prerequisite: Permission. This course explores cross-cultural variation regarding sex, gender and sexuality. It examines the ways that cultures create, maintain and reproduce gender concepts and gender relations.

3230:520. The Anthropology of Food. (3 Credits)

Prerequisite: Permission. Utilizing anthropological approaches and theories, this course explores the social relations and cultural beliefs associated with food cross-culturally.

3230:557. Medical Anthropology. (3 Credits)

Prerequisite: Permission of instructor. Analyzes various aspects of Western and non-Western medical systems from an anthropological perspective. Compares traditional medical systems around the world.

3230:560. Qualitative Methods: Basis of Anthropological Research. (4 Credits)

Prerequisite: 3230:150. Provides hands-on experience in qualitative methods, including key informant interviewing, focus groups, and other methods. Includes the use of computer-based programs for rapid appraisal strategies.

3230:572. Special Topics: Anthropology. (3 Credits)

(May be repeated) Prerequisite: Permission. Designed to meet needs of student with interests in selected topics in anthropology. Offered irregularly when resources and opportunities permit. May include archaeological field school, laboratory research or advanced course work not presently offered by department on regular basis.

3230:651. Seminar in Anthropological Theories & Methods. (3 Credits)

Major theoretical viewpoints in cultural anthropology. Nature, scope of research problems. Survey of methods in field work. Seminar.

3230:697. Individual Investigation. (1-3 Credits)

Prerequisites: Permission of instructor and chair of department. Intensive reading and/or research in student's chosen field of interest. Regular conferences with instructor. Preparation of a research paper.