Academic Catalog

Arts Administration (7850)

7850:600. Research & Writing Techniques. (3 Credits)

Exploration of the basic research tools and methods appropriate to the discipline, including utilization of the computer. Guidelines for writing thesis.

7850:603. Special Topics in Arts Administration. (1-4 Credits)

(May be repeated as different subject areas are covered, but no more than 12 credits may be applied toward M. A. degree) Traditional and experimental courses in arts administration, supplementing those listed in the General Bulletin.

7850:605. Colloquium on the Arts. (3 Credits)

A brief exploration of the major visual and performing art forms and organizations examined in relationship to the business management of arts. Team-taught.

7850:665. Audience Development. (3 Credits)

Developing audiences for the Arts through Arts marketing techniques, including season and single ticket campaigns, promotional strategies, media/public relations, market research, and telemarketing.

7850:666. Principles of Arts Administration. (3 Credits)

Principles and practices in non-profit arts management, including organizational structure, function of boards, personnel and volunteer management, and public policy for the arts.

7850:682. Fund Raising & Grantsmanship in the Arts. (3 Credits)

Techniques and execution of a development campaign for individuals, corporations, foundations, federal and state grants, and endowment, including research and proposal writing.

7850:691. Arts Administration Practices & Policies. (3 Credits)

Financial management of the arts, facilities management, presenting performances, touring, and unique management problems in non-profit theatre companies, dance companies, orchestras, and museums.

7850:692. Legal Aspects of Arts Administrators. (3 Credits)

Legal responsibilities and liabilities of an arts organization, contracts, copyright law, insurance, taxation, artists¿ rights, personnel law, and labor law.

7850:698. Internship. (3-6 Credits)

Prerequisite: permission. Faculty supervised work experience in which student participates in an arts management, performance or technical situation with a selected cultural organization.

7850:699. Master's Thesis. (1-6 Credits)

Prerequisite: permission of graduate coordinator of arts administration program. Research related to the completion of the master's thesis.