Theatre (THEA)

THEA:533 Theatre Organization and Production Management (3 Credits)

Study of successful methods of theatre organization and production stage management of professional and non-professional performing arts operations. (Formerly 7800:533)

THEA:555 Creating Performance (3 Credits)

(May be repeated for a total of six credits.) This course introduces devising processes, improvisation, ensemble work, and physical theatre techniques appropriate to the preparation of practical performance projects from sources other than a conventional play. (Formerly 7800:555)

THEA:567 Multi-Cultural Theatre (3 Credits)

A detailed examination of contemporary performances, performance texts, and theoretical writings that reference the history and experience of diverse communities of America and the world. (Formerly 7800:567)

THEA:572 Methods of Teaching Elementary Theatre Arts (3 Credits)

Prerequisites: graduate status. Course provides skills, knowledge and experiences essential to teaching effective and creative theatre arts in elementary school through current theories, methods and materials. (Formerly 7800:572)

THEA:573 Methods of Teaching Secondary Theatre Arts (3 Credits)

Prerequisite: graduate status. This course presents skills, knowledge and experiences essential to teaching innovative and creative theatre arts in the secondary school through current theories, methods and materials. (Formerly 7800:573)

THEA:575 Acting for the Musical Theatre (3 Credits)

Prerequisite: permission. A scene study course in analyzing and performing roles in American musicals. Accompanist provided. (Formerly 7800:575)

THEA:576 Theatre and Community Action (3 Credits)

This course will explore civic engagement strategies and situations linking theatre and community in which students tackle community issues and concerns utilizing various performance techniques. (Formerly 7800:576)

THEA:590 Workshop in Theatre Arts (1-3 Credits)

(May be repeated for a total of 6 credits) Prerequisite: advanced standing or permission. Group study or group projects investigating particular phases of theatre arts not covered by other courses in curriculum. (Formerly 7800:590)

THEA:600 Research and Writing Techniques (3 Credits)

Exploration of the basic research tools and methods appropriate to the discipline, including utilization of the computer. Guidelines for writing thesis. (Formerly 7800:600)

THEA:603 Special Topics in Theatre Arts & Dance (1-4 Credits)

(May be repeated as different subject areas are covered, but no more than 12 credits may be applied toward M. A. degree) Traditional and experimental courses in theater, supplementing those listed in the General Bulletin. (Formerly 7800:603)

THEA:641 Problems in Directing (3 Credits)

Advanced directing course with special emphasis on staging of complex plays from all periods of dramatic literature. (Formerly 7800:641)

THEA:645 Seminar in Dramatic Literature (3 Credits)

Representative Western stage play (non-American) are examined in theatrical, historical, and critical/theoretical contexts. (Formerly 7800:645)

THEA:646 Graduate Acting: Techniques (3 Credits)

Advanced study of basic acting techniques, especially Stanislavski, through analysis and performance. Voice/Movement Lab required. (Formerly 7800:646)

THEA:648 Graduate Acting: Problems (3 Credits)

Study of problems confronting the advanced actor in various modern styles of performance Voice/Movement Lab required. (Formerly 7800:648)

THEA:658 History of Theatre (3 Credits)

Theater history from the Greeks to the present with emphasis on physical theater, conventions, and theater architecture of each period. (Formerly 7800:658)

THEA:659 Stage Lighting Design and Technology (3 Credits)

Study of the art and technique of stage lighting design, including drafting of lighting plots, function of lighting instruments and of intensity control. (Formerly 7800:659)

THEA:660 Advanced Technical Theatre (3 Credits)

Processes including multiple set productions, revolves and their rigging, techniques in simple hydraulics, pneumatics and load capacities, and properties and techniques in multi-media. (Formerly 7800:660)

THEA:662 Seminar in Scene Design (3 Credits)

Prerequisite: THEA 336 or undergraduate scene design course or permission of instructor. Study of problems in scene design: portfolio projects, research of noted designers, studies of theater spaces, and new scenographic materials. (Formerly 7800:662)

THEA:690 Graduate Research/Readings (1-3 Credits)

(May be repeated for a total of nine credits) Prerequisite: permission. Individual research or independent readings under supervision of member of theater graduate faculty. (Formerly 7800:690)

THEA:698 Internship: Theater (3-6 Credits)

Prerequisite: permission. Faculty supervised work experience in which student participates in an arts management, performance or technical situation with a selected cultural organization. (Formerly 7800:698)

THEA:699 Masters Thesis (1-6 Credits)

Prerequisite: permission of graduate coordinator of theater arts program. Research related to the completion of the master's thesis. (Formerly 7800:699)