Academic Catalog

Educational Foundations - Instructional Technology (5150)

5150:590. Workshop. (1-3 Credits)

Individual work under staff guidance on curriculum problems, utilization of community resources, planning of curriculum units. Delivered in face-to-face, web-enhanced format and fully on-line format.

5150:610. Introduction to Instructional Technology. (3 Credits)

Course will provide the learner with foundational understanding of technology standards will provide the conceptual framework for the study of technology's impact on teaching and learning in the 21st Century.

5150:614. Planning for Technology. (3 Credits)

Corequisite: 5100:610. Emphasizes the process of planning for the use of technology in schools, businesses, institutions. Includes plans for faculty support and alternative managements of computer hardware and software.

5150:631. Instructional Design. (3 Credits)

Corequisite: 5100:610. The theory and practice of instructional design (ID) involves a systematic approach to the analysis, design, development, evaluation, and implementation of effective instruction.

5150:632. Web-Based Learning Systems. (3 Credits)

Corequisite: 5150:610. Help students become proficient in the design, development, and evaluation of web-based learning systems for training and education. This course is offered fully online.

5150:633. Multimedia/Hypermedia. (3 Credits)

Corequisite: 5150:610. Introduces students to a variety of Multimedia and Hypermedia tools (digital, image, audio, video, and authoring) and demonstrates how these products can be delivered via web to support learning.

5150:634. Visual Literacy. (3 Credits)

This course will combine a basic understanding of design principles and concepts with research findings on the use of visuals in the learning process.

5150:635. Emerging Technologies for Instruction. (3 Credits)

This course examines emerging technologies (hardware, software, systems) that support teaching/learning, and methods for assessing the utility of any technology used for instructional purposes.

5150:636. Topical Seminar in Educational Technology. (3 Credits)

(Repeatable for up to nine credits.) Current trends and practices in educational technology: computer authoring software, tools and processes for instructional video production, presentation systems.

5150:638. Integrating and Implementing Technology. (3 Credits)

Designed to equip teachers with tools, resources, and strategies to support the integration and implementation of effective use of technology in the classroom.

5150:639. Strategies for Online Teaching & Learning. (3 Credits)

Corequisite: 5150:610. Prepare instructors to make the transition from teaching in a physical classroom to facilitating learning in virtual classroom. Delivered in a fully-online format.

5150:696. Master Technology Project. (2-3 Credits)

Prerequisite: permission of advisor. Prepare and test a technology learning package that includes any combination of text, graphics, sound, color, motion, and the provision for interaction by the target students.

5150:697. Independent Study. (1-3 Credits)

(May be repeated for a total of six credits) Prerequisites: permission of department chair and instructor. Specific area of study determined in accordance with student's program and professional goals.