Academic Catalog

Professional Studies (6700)

6700:601. Global Immersion. (1-3 Credits)

Provides an opportunity for students to participate in faculty led global immersion/study abroad program, which will cover international management and business practices. Unique aspects of local culture are also studied.this study abroad course will focus mainly on a single country/region.

6700:603. Innovation Consulting Project. (3 Credits)

Field-based course providing hands-on experience working with organizations on their real-world problems. Student's will research competitors, products, programs to recommend actionable solutions.

6700:689. Leading and Influencing. (1 Credit)

The main topics of the course are authentic leadership and influence within collaborative structures. The emphasis of the course is on self-awareness and development of leadership and collaborative competencies.

6700:691. Professional Integrity. (1 Credit)

This course is designed to examine the issues of integrity, ethics, and business social responsibility facing business professionals in today's world of business globalization.

6700:693. Negotiations in the Workplace. (1 Credit)

This course introduces students to the skills necessary to successfully navigate career and life negotiations. Contexts covered include job interviews, job offers and promotions. This course is taught from a practical perspective, with hands-on experience and interactions.

6700:695. Internship in Business. (1-3 Credits)

Prerequisite: permission of instructor. On-the-job experience with cooperating private and public sector organizations. Individual assignments made by supervising faculty member. Periodic reports and research papers required. Credit/noncredit.

6700:696. Special Topics: Professional Development. (1 Credit)

Special topics and current issues in the MBA program Professional Courses. May be repeated with a change in subject, not to exceed 6 credits.

6700:698. Colloquium in Business. (1-3 Credits)

Prerequisite: permission of graduate director. Study of business administration through a seminar of several lectures in business research and practice. A broad range of topics in business research and issues will be discussed by guests, faculty and graduate students. May be repeated, but will not satisfy degree requirements (Credit/non-credit.)