Management (MGMT)

MGMT:601 Business Analytics and Information Strategy (3 Credits)

Covers information systems foundations, strategic use of core analytical techniques including statistics and data mining to enable firms to better compete. (Formerly 6500:601)

MGMT:650 Managing People in Organizations (2 Credits)

This course covers the management of people, including motivation and rewards, relationships, teams, power and politics, decision making, and organization design. (Formerly 6750:650)

MGMT:651 Data Driven Decision Making for Mangers (2 Credits)

Topics include descriptive statistics, estimation, hypothesis testing, simple and multiple regression. Skills provided include familiarity with statistical software, using statistical analysis to support business decisions, and case analyses. (Formerly 6750:651)

MGMT:659 International Human Resource Management (3 Credits)

Prerequisite: HRM 600. A survey course focused on the identification, analysis, and resolutions of human resource problems in business firms with global operations. (Formerly 6500:659)

MGMT:672 Management Project (3 Credits)

Prerequisite: Instructor permission. Students develop skills in real-world problem solving by interacting with organizations on issues important to them. Special emphasis will be transforming actual organizational data into recommendations. (Formerly 6500:672)

MGMT:675 Leadership, Diversity and Responsibility for Executives (2 Credits)

Prerequisite: MGMT 650. Explores the issues of leadership and influencing employees with particular emphasis on dealing with increased diversity in the workplace and making ethical decisions in organizations. (Formerly 6750:675)

MGMT:689 Leading and Influencing (1 Credit)

The main topics of the course are authentic leadership and influence within collaborative structures. The emphasis of the course is on self-awareness and development of leadership and collaborative competencies. (Formerly 6700:689)

MGMT:690 Selected Topics in Management (3 Credits)

(May be repeated for a total of six credits) Prerequisite: HRM 652. Selected topics in historical, contemporary and/or operational and functional areas of management. (Formerly 6500:690)

MGMT:691 Professional Integrity (1 Credit)

This course is designed to examine the issues of integrity, ethics, and business social responsibility facing business professionals in today's world of business globalization. (Formerly 6700:691)

MGMT:693 Negotiations in the Workplace (1 Credit)

This course introduces students to the skills necessary to successfully navigate career and life negotiations. Contexts covered include job interviews, job offers and promotions. This course is taught from a practical perspective, with hands-on experience and interactions. (Formerly 6700:693)

MGMT:694 Global Strategic Management (3 Credits)

Prerequisites: ACCT 623, FIN 646, SCM 655, MKTG 665. This course integrates the core concepts of business and emphasizes strategic management with a global perspective. Provides insights into the nature of strategy and approaches that may be used by organizations to achieve competitive advantage (Formerly 6750:695)

MGMT:695 Organizational Strategy (3 Credits)

Prerequisites: FIN 602, SCM 670, MKTG 620, INTB 605 or permission. A case-oriented course which focuses on integration of theoretical and practical knowledge acquired in core business courses. Students analyze, evaluate, and formulate organization objectives and strategies within domestic and international environmental contexts. (Formerly 6500:695)

MGMT:697 Independent Study: Management (1-3 Credits)

(May be repeated for a total of six credits) Focus on special topics of study and research in management on an independent basis. (Formerly 6500:697)