Academic Catalog

International Business (6800)

6800:506. International Business with study abroad requirement. (3 Credits)

Prerequisites: Admission into a graduate program of study. A basic course in international business which can also provide a platform for more specialized international business courses. Students majoring in IB are required to participate in an approved Study Abroad Program. Foreign students must choose a country other than their home country to satisfy the study abroad requirement. Students will prepare and submit a detailed examination of the business environment visited.

6800:605. International Business Environments. (3 Credits)

Prerequisites: all MBA foundation courses. This course is intended to develop an understanding of the global business environment and the integrated functions of the multinational corporation.

6800:630. International Marketing Policy. (3 Credits)

Explores the problems of formulating and implementing marketing strategies and tactics within complex and changing multinational organizations and international markets. A planning framework is emphasized.

6800:685. Multinational Corporations. (3 Credits)

A course designed to develop an understanding of global businesses, their functions, structures, and strategic operations.

6800:690. Seminar: International Business. (3 Credits)

A course covering major issues in international business.

6800:697. Independent Study: International Business. (1-3 Credits)

(May be repeated for a total of six credits) Prerequisites: Graduate standing and permission of instructor. Focus on special topics of study and research in international business on an independent basis.