Sport Studies/Sport Science (SPRT)

SPRT:510 Intro: Sport Sociology (3 Credits)

Provides information to students about the sociological aspects of sport. (Formerly 5550:510)

SPRT:522 Sport Planning/Promotion (3 Credits)

Analysis of marketing/promotions from a sport manager's perspective. Emphasis on marketing strategy, tactics and development in sport delivery systems. (Formerly 5550:522)

SPRT:524 Sports Leadership (3 Credits)

Introduces students to current issues related to leadership, management, and supervision. Examines current sport leadership research and governance structure of amateur and professional sport organizations. (Formerly 5550:524)

SPRT:553 Principles of Coaching (3 Credits)

Basics for becoming a successful coach. Discussion of principles applying to most sports, players and coaches. (Formerly 5550:553)

SPRT:601 Sports Administration & Supervision (3 Credits)

Organizational and administrative efficiency in implementing sports programs (event management, budgeting, public relations); objective and effective procedures for evaluation/selection of personnel; periodic program reviews. (Formerly 5550:601)

SPRT:602 Motor Behavior Applied to Sports (3 Credits)

Coaching education principles related to motor development and motor skill learning. Focus on effective practices for learning and advanced skills teaching for coaches. (Formerly 5550:602)

SPRT:603 Tactics & Strategies in the Science of Coaching (3 Credits)

Course focuses on coaching and teaching the skills, tactics, and strategies in individual and team sports. (Formerly 5550:603)

SPRT:604 Current Issues in Sport and Physical Education (3 Credits)

This course represents a planned experience in interpretation and articulation of information within the context of selected issues in sport. (Formerly 5550:604)

SPRT:609 Motivational Aspects of Physical Activity (3 Credits)

Analysis of factors influencing motivation of motor performance with emphasis on competition, audience effects, aggression. (Formerly 5550:609)

SPRT:630 Business of Sport (3 Credits)

The focus of this course is related to the important knowledge that administrators should have related to the sport business field. (Formerly 5550:630)