Outdoor Education (ODED)

ODED:550 Application of Outdoor Education to the School Curriculum (4 Credits)

Provides knowledge, skills and techniques useful in application of outdoor education to school curriculum. (Formerly 5560:550)

ODED:552 Resources & Resource Management for the Teaching of Outdoor Education (4 Credits)

Resources and instructional techniques which are applicable to outdoor education; and in-depth study of methods and designs, unique to the process of teaching. (Formerly 5560:552)

ODED:554 Resident Outdoor Education (2 Credits)

Focus on helping physical education teachers use critical thinking to review programming/organizational techniques relevant to outdoor education programs. Extended experience in outdoor settings required. (Formerly 5560:554)

ODED:556 Outdoor Pursuits (4 Credits)

Investigation and participation in practical experiences in outdoor pursuits. (Formerly 5560:556)

ODED:600 Outdoor Education: Rural Influences (3 Credits)

Prerequisite: ODED 550 or ODED 552. Utilization of resources of rural area as a learning/teaching environment. Content and methodology appropriate for teaching school-age children in rural setting. (Formerly 5560:600)

ODED:605 Special Topics: Outdoor Education (2-4 Credits)

(May be repeated with change in topic) Prerequisite: permission of instructor. Group and individual study of special topics of contemporary concern in outdoor education. (Formerly 5560:605)

ODED:652 Resources Teaching Outdoor Education (4 Credits)

See department for course description. (Formerly 5560:652)

ODED:690 Practicum in Outdoor Education (2-4 Credits)

Prerequisites: ODED 550, ODED 552 and permission of advisor. Supervised practical experience with existing outdoor education programs. In conjunction with practical work student meets regularly with advisor. (Formerly 5560:690)

ODED:695 Practicum in Outdoor Education (3 Credits)

Prerequisite: permission of advisor. Participation and documentation of practical professional experience related to outdoor education. (Formerly 5560:695)

ODED:697 Independent Study (1-3 Credits)

Prerequisite: permission of advisor. In-depth analysis of current practices or problems related to outdoor education. Documentation of study required. (Formerly 5560:697)

ODED:698 Masters Problem (2-4 Credits)

Prerequisite: permission of advisor. Intensive research study related to a problem in outdoor education or related discipline. (Formerly 5560:698)

ODED:699 Masters Thesis (4-6 Credits)

An original composition demonstrating independent scholarship in a discipline related to outdoor education. (Formerly 5560:699)