Health Care Management (HCM)

HCM:585 Special Topics in Health Services Administration (1-3 Credits)

Prerequisite: permission of instructor. Special topics in health services administration (e.g., management) focusing on historical and/or contemporary managerial organizational and/or policy/strategy issues as related to health-care organizations and health-care systems. Separate topics may be repeated for a maximum of six credits. For those registered for graduate credit, a major research paper is required. (Formerly 6500:585)

HCM:681 Foundations of Health Care Leadership (3 Credits)

Introductory course for health professionals covering principles and concepts of management applied to health services organizations. (Formerly 6500:681)

HCM:683 Health Services Systems Management (3 Credits)

Prerequisite: Graduate Standing. Study of health services organizations, comparative delivery systems, the roles of third-party payors and government policy in health care. Seminar format: major research paper required. (Formerly 6500:683)

HCM:686 Health Services Research Project (3 Credits)

Prerequisite: HCM 683 or permission of instructor. In-depth field study in health services administration with applications of research and analysis skills. Course requires review of literature and a major research paper. (Formerly 6500:686)

HCM:688 Independent Study: Health Services Administration (1-3 Credits)

(May not be repeated for more than three credits) Prerequisites: HCM 681 or HRM 600 or equivalent or permission of instructor. Independent study and research of a special topic of interest in health services administration (e.g., management), chosen by the student in consultation with and under the supervision of the instructor. (Formerly 6500:688)