Academic Catalog

Women's Studies (3001)

3001:100. Social & Cultural Diversity in the United States. (3 Credits)

See department for course description.

3001:110. Multicultural Sensitivity Training. (1 Credit)

See department for course description.

3001:200. Introduction to Womens Studies. (3 Credits)

Introduction to the interdisciplinary program in Women's Studies. Explores current scholarship in women's issues and experiences from perspectives of psychology, history, sociology, anthropology, and literary criticism. Feminist orientation and methodology.

3001:480. Feminist Theory. (3 Credits)

Prerequisite: 3001:200. A summary of feminist theory to familiarize students with the main currents in contemporary feminist theory and the origins and evolution of that thought.

3001:485. Special Topics in Women's Studies. (1-3 Credits)

Special topics and current issues in Women's Studies. Covers content not currently addressed in other courses. Fosters a critical approach to knowledge about women. (May not be repeated)

3001:489. Internship in Women's Studies. (1-4 Credits)

Prerequisite: 3001:300, permission of Director of Women's Studies. This class provides supervised experience and on-the-job training in an organization, agency, corporation or group dealing with women's issues.

3001:490. Women's Studies Lecture Series. (1-3 Credits)

Various topics focused on women. Themes and course materials vary each semester. Lecture and discussion.

3001:493. Individual Studies on Women. (1-3 Credits)

Prerequisite: 3001:300, and approval of Director of Women's Studies. Directed study of selected topics related to women. Projects are chosen by student in consultation with instructor.

3001:499. Seminar in Women's Studies. (1 Credit)

See department for course description.