Business Law (BLAW)

BLAW:220 Legal & Social Environment of Business (3 Credits)

Prerequisite: A minimum academic standing of a Sophomore or greater. Explores the legal and social environment in which modern business must function. The legal system, public and private law, and contemporary social and ethical issues are addressed. (Formerly 6400:220)

BLAW:321 Business Law I (3 Credits)

Prerequisite: completion of 64 credits. Discussions designed to develop legal reasoning within substantive areas of contractual obligation, agency relationships, partnerships, corporations, accountant's legal responsibility, federal securities regulation and antitrust law. (Formerly 6400:321)

BLAW:322 Business Law II (3 Credits)

Prerequisites: BLAW 321 and completion of 60 credits. Applications of Uniform Commercial Code in sales, commercial paper and secured transactions. Additional discussions include property, wills, estates, trusts, bailments, insurance, suretyship, bankruptcy, and labor law. (Formerly 6400:322)

BLAW:323 International Business Law (3 Credits)

The law and international commercial transactions. Among the subjects covered are sovereignty; treaties; agreements; antitrust practices; property rights; international arbitration. (Formerly 6400:323)

BLAW:424 Legal Concepts of Real Estate (3 Credits)

Prerequisite: at a minimum must have been admitted to a major in a four-year degree granting college. Study of concepts of law governing the many interests in real estate including acquisition, encumbrance, transfer, rights and obligations of parties, and the various state and federal regulations. The legal concepts of the business of real estate are likewise examined. Emphasis is on a managerial approach utilizing the case method. (Formerly 6400:424)