Academic Catalog

Interdis - Poly Science & Engr (9821)

9821:201. Introduction to Polymer Science. (3 Credits)

Prerequisites: 3150:151 and 3450:221. Introduction to the field of polymer science including molecular weight distributions, polymerization, chain statistics, polymer mixtures, rubber elasticity, polymer glasses, semi-crystalline polymers and viscoelasticity.

9821:202. Introduction to Polymer Engineering. (3 Credits)

Prerequisites: 3450:222 and 3650:291. Introduction to the field of polymer engineering including classification of polymer materials, mechanical properties, fundamentals of polymer melt flow, polymer processing operations and compounding.

9821:281. Polymer Science for Engineers. (2 Credits)

Prerequisites: 3150:151 and 3150:152. Chemical bonds and structure of organic molecules, polymer chain structure, amorphous and crystalline morphology and structural characterization, polymerization and copolymerization, experimental demonstrations, typical solid-state and flow properties.

9821:301. Polymer Materials Science and Engineering. (3 Credits)

Corequisites: 3150:313 or 4600:300 or permission. Materials science and engineering of polymers. Topics covered are the phase behavior and morphology of polymer solutions and blends, glassy polymers, polymer crystallization, materials characterization and multi-component polymer materials.

9821:381. Polymer Morphology for Engineers. (3 Credits)

Prerequisites: 9821:281, 3150:151, 3650:292. Fundamental understanding of solid structure, crystallography and morphology, processed polymers, co-polymers and their blends.