Technical Education (EDTE)

EDTE:400 Adult Learning (3 Credits)

Describes characteristics of the adult learner and examines issues, factors, and strategies pertinent to successful facilitation of learning in a variety of training environments. (Formerly 5400:400)

EDTE:401 Learning with Technology (3 Credits)

Application of learning technologies to situations encountered by academic and professional learners. Addresses foundational concepts of computer literacy, ethics. security, collaboration, and learning design. (Formerly 5400:401)

EDTE:413 Instructional Design Profession (3 Credits)

Examination of the Instructional Design profession, its history, trends, issues and impact on Instruction Design's future. Research on best practice in the field are explored. (Formerly 5400:413)

EDTE:415 Talent Development and Training (3 Credits)

Prerequisites: EDTE 401 or permission from instructor. Examine the training function within talent development from a global perspective. Explore best practices for today's workforce. Identify emerging trends and training solutions. (Formerly 5400:415)

EDTE:420 eLearning by Design (3 Credits)

Experiences in using, developing and evaluating learning technologies and media used for instructional design and training. (Formerly 5400:420)

EDTE:430 Program Planning (3 Credits)

Process of program planning and evaluation for instructional design and training for a variety of adult learning organizations. (Formerly 5400:430)

EDTE:435 Systematic Instructional Design in Postecondary Education (3 Credits)

Prerequisites or corequisites: EDTE 401, EDTE 420, EDTE 430, admission to program, or permission of instructor. Examination of instructional design models with particular emphasis of the ADDIE model. Study of applications to Instructional Design Technology. (Formerly 5400:435)

EDTE:475 Instructional Delivery (3 Credits)

Prerequisite: Permission of department. Implementation of instructional design principals in the proposal, design, development, implementation, assessment and evaluation (ADDIE) of eLearning and other delivery of training courses. (Formerly 5400:475)

EDTE:480 Globally Diverse Workforce (3 Credits)

Study of cultural pluralism and disability in the workplace and the best practices, as related to training in adult learning organizations. (Formerly 5400:480)

EDTE:481 Special Topics: Technical Education (1-4 Credits)

See department for course description. (Formerly 5400:481)

EDTE:490 Workshop: Technical Education (1-3 Credits)

Individual work under staff guidance on curriculum problems, utilization of community resources, planning of curriculum units. Delivered in a totally on-line format and face to face format with web enhancements. (Formerly 5400:490)

EDTE:495 Postsecondary Education Practicum (3 Credits)

Prerequisites: EDTE 400, EDTE 401, EDTE 405, EDTE 415, EDTE 420, EDTE 430, EDTE 435, and admission to the Postsecondary Technical Education program with a "C" or better in each EDTE course and a 2.5 or better overall GPA in EDTE courses, and an overall GPA of 3.0 or better. Directed instruction under the supervision of directing instructor and university supervisor, and development of instructional portfolio. (Formerly 5400:495)

EDTE:497 Independent Study: Technical Education (1-3 Credits)

Area of study determined by student's need. (Formerly 5400:497)