Child and Family Development (CHFD)

CHFD:147 Orientation to Child & Family Development (1 Credit)

Introduction to academic programs, careers, and professional skills related to Child & Family Development. Open to all majors. Online sections available. (Formerly 3760:147)

CHFD:201 Intimate Relationships (3 Credits)

Love, intimacy, relationship development, sexuality, marriage, and parenting are studied in lifespan perspective. (Formerly 3760:201)

CHFD:245 Infant/Toddler Care and Education Programs (3 Credits)

Prerequisite: CHFD 265. Survey of infant/toddler development. Principles of infant/toddler early care. Design of environment and curriculum based on child's needs. Online section available. (field hours required) (Formerly 3760:245)

CHFD:246 Multicultural Issues in Child Care (3 Credits)

The study of cultural differences in child care and preschool settings to improve caregiving practices and enhance communication between caregivers and families. (Formerly 3760:246)

CHFD:250 Observing & Recording Children's Behavior (3 Credits)

Prerequisite: CHFD 265. Develops observing and recording skills, evaluates multiple methods of assessment for children's development and behavior. (field hours required) (Formerly 3760:250)

CHFD:255 Fatherhood: Parent Role (3 Credits)

Prerequisites: CHFD 201 or CHFD 265. Historic evolution of the father role, its changing social definition, and father's potential effects on a child's development--birth through adolescence. (Formerly 3760:255)

CHFD:265 Child Development (3 Credits)

Physical, cognitive, language, social, emotional, and personality development of the child from prenatal through adolescence (field hours required). (Formerly 3760:265)

CHFD:290 Special Topics: Child & Family Development (1-3 Credits)

Selected topics/workshops on subject areas of interest in early childhood development. May be repeated up to 4 credits. (Formerly 3760:290)

CHFD:297 Independent Study (1-3 Credits)

(May be repeated for a total of six credits) Prerequisite: Permission. Selected topics and special areas of study under supervision and evaluation of selected faculty member with whom specific arrangements have been made. (Formerly 3760:297)

CHFD:300 Legal Environment of Families (3 Credits)

Introduction to legal concepts and procedures with particular emphasis on how the legal system impacts families. (Formerly 3760:300)

CHFD:301 Consumer Education (3 Credits)

Examines consumer needs vs. wants, short- and long-term consumer concerns, and problems experienced by individual consumers as they navigate through society. Online section available. (Formerly 3760:301)

CHFD:360 Parent-Child Relations (3 Credits)

Prerequisite: PSYC 230 or CHFD 265. The study of interactive parent-child relations from infancy through adulthood and the internal and environmental forces which impact family dynamics. Online section available. (Formerly 3760:360)

CHFD:362 Family Resource Management (3 Credits)

Introduction to the application and resulting impact of resource management theories, decision-making models, processes, and principles to individual and family well-being. (Formerly 3760:362)

CHFD:365 Infant Development (3 Credits)

Prerequisite: PSYC 230 or CHFD 265. In depth examination of physical, cognitive, language, social, and emotional development beginning in prenatal development and throughout infancy. (field hours required) (Formerly 3760:365)

CHFD:370 Teaching in the Early Childhood Classroom (2 Credits)

Prerequisite: CHFD 385. Corequisite: CHFD 375. Assists students with the integration of research and applied skills needed as a professional working with young children. (Formerly 3760:370)

CHFD:375 Teaching in the Early Childhood Classroom Lab (2 Credits)

Prerequisite: CHFD 385. Corequisite: CHFD 370. An integrated practical experience in child development centers under the direction of experienced early childhood professionals (Formerly 3760:375)

CHFD:380 Play and Human Development (3 Credits)

Prerequisite: CHFD 265 or PSYC 230 or SOWK 427. A study of play and its relationship to typical and atypical development in the physical, cognitive, language, moral, social, and emotional domains. Factors that influence play such as the environment, family, attitudes, and beliefs are discussed. The role of play for all people throughout the lifespan is examined.(field hours required). (Formerly 3760:380)

CHFD:385 Early Childhood Curriculum Methods (3 Credits)

Prerequisite: CHFD 265. Planning, presenting, evaluating creative activities aligned with learning standards in art, music, movement, language arts, mathematics, and science. Adult-child interactions emphasized.(field hours required) (Formerly 3760:385)

CHFD:401 American Families in Poverty (3 Credits)

Prerequisites: [PSYC 230 or CHFD 201 or CHFD 265 or SOCIO 340 or SOWK 427], and senior standing. Overview of the issues, trends and social policies affecting American families living in poverty. Online section available. (Formerly 3760:401)

Gen Ed: - Complex Issues Facing Society

CHFD:403 Home-Based Intervention Theory (3 Credits)

Overview of home-based intervention to include philosophy and description of this programming as well as assessment of family, their home and community environment. (Formerly 1820:403)

CHFD:404 Middle Childhood and Adolescence (3 Credits)

Prerequisites: CHFD 201 and [PSYC 230 or CHFD 265 or SOWK 427]. In depth examination of physical, cognitive, language, social, and emotional development in middle childhood and adolescence. Online section available. (Formerly 3760:404)

CHFD:406 Family Financial Management (3 Credits)

Practical life skills in financial management such as budgeting strategies, how to save, invest, and plan for financial future. Online section available. (Formerly 3760:406)

CHFD:410 Family Life Education Methods (3 Credits)

Prerequisites: [CHFD 201 or SOWK 427] and [CHFD 362 or CHFD 406] and admission to a Child and Family Development major. This is an upper division course intended to prepare students in increasing understanding about the general philosophy and broad principles of Family Life Education. Additionally, students will learn how to plan, implement, assess, and evaluate Family Life Education (FLE) programming across the programming phases, from planning through Implementation. Further, students will learn strategies for employing best practices in FLE across diverse groups. (Formerly 3760:410)

CHFD:421 Special Problems in Child and Family Development (1-3 Credits)

Additional study or apprentice experience in specialized field or preparation; group and individual experimentation. (Formerly 3760:421)

CHFD:440 Family Crisis (3 Credits)

Prerequisite: CHFD 201. Examines family stress and crisis, the influence of internal and external variables on disorganization, coping, and recovery. Includes theory, research, and application. Online section available. (Formerly 3760:440)

CHFD:441 Family Relationships in Middle and Later Years (3 Credits)

Prerequisite: CHFD 201 or SOWK 427 or SOCIO 340 or PSYC 230. Exploration of family and individual development of communication and education during the middle and later years of life. Emphasis on issues related to intimacy, economics, social policies, psychological and biological changes. (Formerly 3760:441)

CHFD:442 Human Sexuality (3 Credits)

Prerequisite: PSYC 230 or CHFD 201 or SOWK 427. An examination of human sexuality across the lifespan. (Formerly 3760:442)

CHFD:446 Culture, Ethnicity & Family (3 Credits)

Prerequisites: CHFD 201 or CHFD 265, and senior status. Study of the role of culture and ethnicity in adaptation of the family system to environment. Online section available. (Formerly 3760:446)

CHFD:447 Senior Seminar: Critical Issues in FCS Professional Develop (1 Credit)

Prerequisites: FCS major & senior standing. Consideration of family and consumer sciences as a profession and its impact on the quality of life of individuals, families and their environments. Analysis of challenges facing the profession and all home economists. (Formerly 3760:447)

CHFD:448 Programs for School-Aged (3 Credits)

Study of the development, implementation and evaluation of school-age child-care programs for before and after school and vacation periods. (Formerly 3760:448)

CHFD:450 Families, Individuals & Environments (3 Credits)

Prerequisite: FCS major, senior standing or completion of 90 credits or permission of instructor. Integrative exploration of issues affecting the well-being of individuals, families, and communities in the multiple environments in which they function. (Formerly 3760:450)

CHFD:460 Organization & Supervision of Child Care Centers (3 Credits)

Theory, principles and procedures involved in establishing and operating centers for infants, toddlers, preschool and school-age children. (Formerly 3760:460)

CHFD:461 Case Management for Children & Families I (3 Credits)

Provides an overview of Case Management basics in a multi-systems collaborative context. Includes roles, values, principles, state and service systems, and service coordination. (Formerly 3760:461)

CHFD:462 Case Management for Children & Families II (3 Credits)

Prerequisite: CHFD 461 or CHFD 561. Provides in-depth exploration of Case Management principles and practice. Emphasis on process and functions, assessment, cross-system service planning and coordination, advocacy, and cultural diversity. (Formerly 3760:462)

CHFD:464 Home-Based Intervention Techniques & Practice (3 Credits)

Pre/Corequisite: CHFD 403. Provides intervention techniques and skill areas required for home-based intervention and learning opportunities for matching techniques with specific family problems. (Formerly 1820:404)

CHFD:485 Seminar in Child and Family Development (1-3 Credits)

Exploration and evaluation of current research on a selected contemporary topic. (May be repeated for a total of six credits) (Formerly 3760:485)

CHFD:490 Workshop in Child & Family Development (1-3 Credits)

Prerequisite: Junior or higher standing or permission of instructor. Investigation of an issue or topic in a selected area. May involve off-campus activity and/or on-campus group meeting. (Formerly 3760:490)

CHFD:494 Internship: Child and Family Development (3 Credits)

Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor. In depth field experience in business or community agencies relating to children and families (40 hours required per credit). (Formerly 3760:494)

CHFD:496 Parent Education (3 Credits)

Prerequisite: CHFD 265, SOWK 427, or permission of instructor. Practical application that reviews and analyzes parent education methods with major emphasis on the evaluation of parent education programs. Online section available. (Formerly 3760:496)

CHFD:499 Senior Honors Project in Child & Family Development (1-3 Credits)

Prerequisites: senior standing in Honors Program and approval of honors preceptor. Individual study supervised by adviser. Student and preceptor develop goals, objectives and methodology. (May be repeated for a total of six credits) (Formerly 3760:499)