Anthropology (ANTH)

ANTH:101 Human Cultures (3 Credits)

This course examines what culture is, how human cultures vary and how they change. We then explore opportunities/conflicts presented by contemporary human cultural issues. (Formerly 3230:150)

Ohio Transfer 36: Yes

Gen Ed: - Social Science; - Global Diversity

ANTH:105 Human Evolution (4 Credits)

Study of biological evolution of Homo Sapiens, including primate comparisons and cultural development. One-hour laboratory using interactive computer programs, casts and Anthropology's cultural collection. (Formerly 3230:151)

Ohio Transfer 36: Yes

Gen Ed: - Natural Science w/LAB

ANTH:110 Introduction to Archaeology (3 Credits)

Introduction to the study of ancient cultures based on material remains. Course covers basic archaeological concepts and tools, types of data and interpretation. (Formerly 3240:100)

Ohio Transfer 36: Yes

Gen Ed: - Social Science

ANTH:251 Human Diversity (3 Credits)

This course examines human diversity in global perspective by considering how and why human beings vary physically and ways categories of difference are culturally constructed. (Formerly 3230:251)

Gen Ed: - Social Science; - Global Diversity

ANTH:300 Historical Archaeology (3 Credits)

This course explores recent developments in historical archaeology and how material culture can be used to study race, class, gender, and ethnic identities. (Formerly 3240:300)

ANTH:309 Medicine & the Humanities (3 Credits)

Medical history, literature, and ethics from the perspective of the Humanities, with readings from original sources and literary works on medical subjects. (Formerly 3230:309)

ANTH:310 Human Paleontology: The Australopithecines (3 Credits)

Prerequisite: ANTH 105. A study of the fossil record of the earliest hominids of the Miocene and Pliocene epochs. (Formerly 3230:310)

ANTH:311 Human Paleontology: Genus Homo (3 Credits)

Prerequisite: ANTH 105. The origins of the Genus Homo and the evolution of anatomically modern Homo sapiens. (Formerly 3230:311)

ANTH:313 Archaeology of Greece (3 Credits)

The ruins and monuments of Greece; history reconstructed by examination of the material remains. No foreign language necessary. (Formerly 3240:313)

ANTH:314 Archaeology of Rome (3 Credits)

The ruins and monuments of Rome; history reconstructed by examination of the material remains. No foreign language necessary. (Formerly 3240:314)

ANTH:315 Human Variation and Health (3 Credits)

Human Variation and Health explores the global genetic and phenotypic diversity of modern humans. This course focuses on how natural selection has shaped global human diversity, how biocultural evolution has impacted humans, and how genetics and diseases are related. (Formerly 3230:315)

ANTH:320 The Anthropology of Food (3 Credits)

Utilizing anthropological approaches and theories, this course explores the social relations and cultural beliefs associated with food cross-culturally. (Formerly 3230:420)

Gen Ed: - Complex Issues Facing Society

ANTH:340 Archaeology of Ohio (3 Credits)

Provides a detailed overview of Ohio's prehistoric cultures and the early historic period focusing on cultural evolution and environmental relationships. (Formerly 3240:420)

ANTH:345 Egyptology (3 Credits)

Introduction to ancient Egyptian civilization, with emphasis on sites and artifacts representative of socio-political and ideological transformations from the Prehistoric through Ptolemaic Periods. (Formerly 3240:345)

ANTH:357 Magic, Myth, & Religion (3 Credits)

Analysis of the origins, roles, and functions of myth, magic and religion in a broad range of societies, with emphasis on the non-Western, pre-industrial societies. (Formerly 3230:357)

ANTH:358 Indians of North America (3 Credits)

Ethnographic survey of native cultures of North America, with emphasis on variations in ecological adaptations, social organization and modern American Indians in anthropological perspective. Lecture. (Formerly 3230:358)

Gen Ed: - Domestic Diversity

ANTH:360 Ancient Near Eastern Archaeology (3 Credits)

General survey of the archaeological material culture and written history of the ancient Near East. Covers principal human achievements from the Paleolithic to Alexander's conquest. (Formerly 3240:360)

ANTH:365 Ancient Metallurgy (3 Credits)

Metallurgy was a transformative technology for ancient societies. This class covers archaeological evidence for the early use of metals and their alloys. We will also discuss: (1) the structural and physical properties of metals; (2) the analytical techniques used to assess metals in materials science; (3) current archaeological explanations for how people used metal to fashion artifacts; and (4) the impact of metallurgy on different ancient cultures. This course is a mixed lecture, seminar, and laboratory course. (Formerly 3240:365)

ANTH:368 Neolithic Revolution (3 Credits)

Examination of the archaeological, zooarchaeological, paleobotanical, bioarchaeological, and genetic evidence for the earliest human manipulation and domestication of plants and animals. Evaluation of theoretical models for the origins of agriculture and the long-term implications of its adoption for human societies. (Formerly 3240:368)

ANTH:370 Globalization and Culture (3 Credits)

Prerequisite: [ANTH 101 or SOCIO 100]. A critical examination of socio-cultural processes of globalization that serve to complicate conventional notions of culture. Emphasizes how globalization affects a range of local places. (Formerly 3230:370)

Gen Ed: - Complex Issues Facing Society

ANTH:381 History of Physical Anthropology (3 Credits)

Prerequisite: ANTH 105. History of evolutionary theory pertaining to the biological origins of humans covering pre-Darwinian thought to the most recent fossil discoveries. (Formerly 3230:401)

ANTH:382 Evolution and Human Behavior (3 Credits)

Prerequisite: ANTH 105. Critical examination of the theory of natural selection and its usefulness for understanding the origins and evolution of early hominid and modern human social behavior. (Formerly 3230:410)

ANTH:400 Introduction to Anthropological Data (3 Credits)

Prerequisite: ANTH 101, ANTH 105 and ANTH 110. This course focuses on the characteristics of anthropological evidence through hands-on activities and examination of the uses of data in published works. (Formerly 3230:398)

ANTH:404 Primates: Behavior, Morphology and Evolution (3 Credits)

Prerequisite: ANTH 105. Extant primate diversity, behavior, morphology and primate paleontology. (Formerly 3230:304)

ANTH:405 Anthropological Theory (3 Credits)

Prerequisites: ANTH 101 and ANTH 105. Advanced seminar addressing the history of anthropological theory and current theoretical debates within the discipline. (Formerly 3230:359)

ANTH:407 Archaeological Theory (3 Credits)

Prerequisite: ANTH 110. Advanced seminar covering history of scientific archaeological exploration, major theoretical paradigms and current trends in archaeology. Required for Certificate in Field Archaeology. (Formerly 3240:400)

ANTH:410 Archaeogeophysical Survey (3 Credits)

Prerequisite: [ANTH 110 or GEOL 101 or GEOL 310]. Advanced instruction in principles of subsurface geophysical survey techniques in archaeology. Emphasizes magnetic gradiometry and electrical resistivity techniques. Includes both laboratory and fieldwork. (Formerly 3240:410)

ANTH:416 Anthropology of Sex and Gender (3 Credits)

Prerequisites: ANTH 101 or SOCIO 100. This course explores cross-cultural variation regarding sex, gender and sexuality. It examines the ways that cultures create, maintain and reproduce gender concepts and gender relations. (Formerly 3230:416)

Gen Ed: - Global Diversity

ANTH:425 Human Osteology (3 Credits)

Prerequisite: ANTH 105. An intensive study of bone, bone growth, and the human skeleton; ageing and sexing techniques; application of demographic techniques to paleoanthropological populations. (Formerly 3230:340)

ANTH:430 Seminar: Human Origins (3 Credits)

Prerequisite: ANTH 105. Advanced seminar addressing current discoveries and theoretical issues in human paleontology. Content varies by semester. (Formerly 3230:400)

ANTH:440 Archaeological Laboratory Methods (3 Credits)

Prerequisite: ANTH 110. Laboratory processing and study of lithic, ceramic, paleofaunal, paleobotanical, metallic, archaeological materials. Emphasis varies with instructor expertise. Involves instrumental or statistical analysis. (Formerly 3240:440)

ANTH:450 Archaeological Field School (1-6 Credits)

Prerequisite: ANTH 110 or permission. A field-based course teaching based archaeological techniques, mapping, excavation of prehistoric and historic sites, survey and documentation. (May be repeated for a maximum of 6 credits.) (Formerly 3240:450)

ANTH:455 Archaeological Field Experience (1-6 Credits)

Prerequisite: ANTH 110 or permission of instructor. This course provides students opportunities to participate in archaeological fieldwork in collaboration with academic, community, law enforcement, industry, and non-profit partners.(Formerly 3240:455)

ANTH:457 Medical Anthropology (3 Credits)

Prerequisite: ANTH 101 or permission of instructor. Analyzes various aspects of Western and non-Western medical systems from an anthropological perspective. Compares traditional medical systems around the world. (Formerly 3230:457)

Gen Ed: - Complex Issues Facing Society

ANTH:460 Field Methods in Cultural Anthropology (4 Credits)

Prerequisite: ANTH 101 or permission of instructor. Community-based research and service-learning course in which students design and undertake a project. Addresses ethics, data collection, management and analysis in collaboration with community partners. (Formerly 3230:460)

Gen Ed: - Complex Issues Facing Society

ANTH:472 Special Topics: Anthropology (3 Credits)

(May be repeated) Prerequisite: ANTH 101. Selected topics in anthropology. May include field schools, independent or faculty-led research, laboratory training or advanced course work not regularly offered by department. (Formerly 3230:472)

ANTH:490 Anthropological Research (1-3 Credits)

(May be repeated) Individual study of problem areas of specific interest to an individual student under guidance of a faculty member. (Formerly 3230:397)

ANTH:497 Senior Honors Project in Anthropology (3 Credits)

The topic and scope of this individually chosen project is directed by an Anthropology faculty member in conjunction with Honors College preceptors under the guidelines of the Honors College. (Formerly 3230:497)