Academic Catalog

Social Work - School of (7750)

7750:240. Substance Use and Abuse. (3 Credits)

Introduction to pharmacology of drugs of misuse; physiological factors of alcohol/drug-using behavior; effect of psychoactive drugs on the brain; intervention and treatment measures.

7750:260. Introduction to Addiction. (3 Credits)

An overview of the continuum of use, abuse and dependency; theories of addiction; the impact of addiction on society; and the implications for professional practice.

7750:265. Women & Addiction. (3 Credits)

Exploration of the social, psychological, physical and family aspects of addiction in women.

7750:268. Co-Occurring Disorders. (3 Credits)

Key concepts and evidence-based practices in the provision of services to people suffering from substance abuse as well as mental illness and behavioral disorders.

7750:269. Criminal Justice & Addiction. (3 Credits)

An introduction to the problems that exist with the treatment of the alcohol/drug offenders and issues relating to their transition back to the community.

7750:270. Diversity and Social Work. (3 Credits)

Introductory course explores issues related to poverty and minority issues as they relate to at-risk populations.

7750:271. Behavioral Addictions. (3 Credits)

Introduction to understanding human behavior and physiological responses to compulsive behaviors other than dependencies on psychoactive chemicals. Several behavioral addictions will be explored.

7750:275. Introduction to Social Work Practice. (3 Credits)

Introduces students to concepts, settings, and vulnerable populations related to the field of social work. Emphasis placed on purposes, values, ethics, knowledge, and skills that characterize the professional social worker. Provides an overview of theoretical and practical knowledge about the social work profession needed for entry levels of practice in social work.

7750:276. Introduction to Social Welfare. (3 Credits)

Survey of field of social welfare; place of social work profession within human services institutions of United States. Introduction of basic concepts relating social welfare institutions and social work to society.

7750:286. Addiction Services Internship. (2 Credits)

Prerequisite: Permission of instructor. Integrates counselor assistant experience with fundamental concepts and skills from academic studies. Students are required to complete 200 hours of supervised field experience.

7750:401. Social Work Practice I. (3 Credits)

Prerequisite: Social Work major. Corequisite: 7750:405. Basic concepts and methods of Generalist social work practice, with an emphasis on understanding and working with individuals.

7750:402. Social Work Practice II. (3 Credits)

Prerequisite: 7750:401, 7750:405; or permission of instructor. Concepts and methods of social work practice particularly relating to understanding and working with groups in various settings in our society.

7750:403. Social Work Practice III. (3 Credits)

Prerequisite: 7750:401, 7750:405, or permission of instructor. Development of understanding and practice methods for utilization of community organization and social planning as social work process in assessing problems and developing program to meet needs.

7750:404. Social Work Practice IV. (3 Credits)

Prerequisite: 7750:401 and 7750:405. Professional social work practice with families in social services; the dynamics of family systems, assessment of family function and dysfunction, professional helping processes.

7750:405. Practice I Skills Lab. (3 Credits)

Prerequisites: 7750:270, 7750:276, 7750:427, 3100:103, 3700:100, 3750:100, 3850:100 and 3250:100 or 7750:200 or 2040:247; corequisite: 7750:401. Prepares students for beginning generalist social work practice and proves a context to apply and evaluate generic knowledge base, values, ethics, and skills common to practice with client systems.

7750:411. Women's Issues in Social Work Practice. (3 Credits)

Prerequisite: 7750:401 or permission of instructor. Social work practice, knowledge and skill, social welfare institutions and social policy in relation to women's issues and concerns in the United States.

7750:421. Field Experience Seminar I. (2 Credits)

Prerequisites: 7750:401 and permission of the instructor. Corequisite: 7750:493. The first of two consecutive courses that assists students in making the transition from classroom learning to experiential learning in the field practicum.

7750:422. Field Experience Seminar II. (2 Credits)

Prerequisites: 7750:421 and 7750:493; Corequisite: 7750:494. The second of two consecutive courses, this course assists students in integrating, synthesizing, and applying classroom learning to field experiences and assignments.

7750:425. Social Work Ethics. (3 Credits)

Prerequisite: Social Work major, permission of instructor. Social Worker's code of ethics as applied to practices, problems and issues in social work.

7750:427. Human Behavior & Social Environment I. (3 Credits)

Social work perspective on human development across the life cycle. Human diversity approach consistent with the needs of social work students preparing for practice.

7750:430. Human Behavior & Social Environment II. (3 Credits)

Prerequisites: Social Work major and 7750:427. Examination of larger social systems including families, groups, neighborhoods, and organizations. Focuses on the unique systemic characteristics of each system and its development.

7750:440. Social Work Research I. (3 Credits)

Prerequisite: Social Work major or permission of instructor. Overview of scientific inquiry and the research process as it applies to the field of social work. Emphasis is placed on the various social worker roles in relation to research.

7750:441. Social Work Research II. (3 Credits)

Prerequisite: 7750:440 or permission of instructor. A continuation of Social Work Research I with a focus on applying research concepts. Includes content on the evaluation of practice outcomes and the use of computers in data analysis.

7750:442. Social Work Research. (3 Credits)

Prerequisite: Acceptance into the social work major. Overview of scientific inquiries in the research process as it applies to social work. Emphasis is placed on various social worker roles in relation to research. The focus will be on research concepts including contents on the evaluation of practice outcomes and data analyses.

7750:445. Social Policy Analysis for Social Workers. (3 Credits)

Prerequisite: Social Work major, permission of instructor. Description, analysis and construction of social policy in social services; to understanding forces and processes which establish or change social policies, to predict consequences of social policies and to establish goals for social policy development; integrated into effective social work methodology.

7750:450. Social Needs & Services: Aging. (3 Credits)

Prerequisite: 7750:401 or permission of instructor. Application of knowledge and principles of professional social work practice to understanding, development and provision of social services to meet needs of aging and later mature individuals, families and communities and institutions serving them and their relatives.

7750:451. Social Work in Child Welfare. (3 Credits)

Prerequisite: 7750:401. In-depth exploration of structure and functioning of social services designed to help children, and of practice of social work in child-welfare settings. Consideration of supportive, supplementary and substitutive services.

7750:452. Social Work in Mental Health. (3 Credits)

Prerequisite: 7750:401 or permission of instructor. Issues, organization, development and methodologies of current professional social work practice in mental-health settings.

7750:454. Social Work in Juvenile Justice. (3 Credits)

Prerequisite: 7750:401. The theory and practice of social work in the juvenile justice systems of the United States. Traditional procedures and recent developments, prevention, diversion and community outreach, legal concerns, case management, institutional functioning.

7750:455. Social Work Practice with African American Families. (3 Credits)

Prerequisite: 7750:401 or permission of instructor. Contemporary problems facing African American families; male-female relationships, single parent households, African American teens and elderly, public policy, theoretical models, explaining development of the African American family.

7750:456. Social Work in Health Services. (3 Credits)

Prerequisite: 7750:401. Policies, programs and practice in health-care settings: short-term, intermediate and long-term hospitals, out-patient services, emergency services, clinics, visiting nurse services, nursing homes, pediatric services, self-help organizations.

7750:459. Social Work with People with Developmental Disabilities. (3 Credits)

Prerequisite: Permission of instructor. Application of social work principles in the provision of social services to meet the needs of the mentally retarded and developmentally disabled and their families.

7750:467. Addiction Screening, Assessment and Treatment Planning. (3 Credits)

Prerequisite: 7750:260. Overview of screening, diagnosis and assessment procedures in the addiction field, including review of the most commonly used testing instruments. Implication for treatment planning is explored.

7750:468. Addiction Prevention, Treatment and Recovery. (3 Credits)

Evidence-based practices in addiction prevention, treatment, and recovery management. Treatment approaches include, but are not limited to, motivational interviewing, contingency management, cognitive behavioral therapy, and family approaches.

7750:469. Group and Relationship Counseling in Addictions. (3 Credits)

Models and dynamics of groups and families struggling with substance use disorders. Emphasis on strategies and techniques to improve functioning and interpersonal relationships in the maintenance of recovery.

7750:470. Law for Social Workers. (3 Credits)

Prerequisite: 7750:401. Basic terminology, theories, principles, organization and procedures of law will be explored along with the relationships between social work and law and comparisons of the theoretical bases of the two professions.

7750:471. Crisis Intervention. (3 Credits)

This elective course focuses on knowledge/skills required by social workers dealing with people in crisis. Impact of crises on the human personality will be discussed.

7750:472. Child Welfare II. (3 Credits)

This course is the second in a series of two child welfare courses. Child Welfare II, addresses the developmental and permanence needs of children in the welfare system.

7750:473. Social Work with Adolescence. (3 Credits)

This course provides students with an in-depth knowledge of adolescent development and an understanding of how the biological, psychological, social, cultural, and spiritual aspects of an adolescent impact their overall functioning and quality of life issues.

7750:475. Addiction & Social Work Practice. (3 Credits)

Prerequisite: 7750:401. Provides students with the essential knowledge and skill for successful social work practice with people involved in substance abuse.

7750:480. Special Topics: Social Work & Social Welfare. (1-3 Credits)

Prerequisite: Permission of instructor. Analysis of current social work and social welfare theory and policy, settings, innovative interventions, and trends in delivery systems in relation to selected areas of concern. Topics and credits variable.

7750:493. Field Experience: Social Agency I. (3 Credits)

Prerequisites: 7750:401, 7750:402, 7750:427, and permission of instructor. Corequisite: 7750:421. First of two consecutive courses of supervised internship in a social service setting. Facilitates acquisition of generalist practice skills. Student must receive permission to take the course with the Field Coordinator during early part of semester preceding enrollment. For senior social work majors.

7750:494. Field Experience: Social Agency II. (3 Credits)

Prerequisites: 7750:493, 7750:421 and permission of instructor; corequisite: 7750:422. Second of two consecutive courses of supervised internship in a social service setting. Facilitates the continued acquisition of generalist practice skills. For senior social work majors only.

7750:497. Individual Investigation in Social Work. (1-3 Credits)

Prerequisites: Permission and prearrangement with instructor. Individual readings, research or projects in area of interest in social welfare theory or institutional operations or in social work practice under guidance of social work faculty member. Preparation of report paper appropriate to nature of topic. For social work major.

7750:499. Senior Honors Project in Social Work. (1-3 Credits)

(May be repeated for a total of six credits) Prerequisites: senior standing in Honors Program and approval of honors preceptor in department. Open only to social work major enrolled in Honors Program. Independent study leading to completion of senior honors thesis or other original work resulting in writing of research paper in proper scholarly form, supervised by student's honors project adviser within the department.