Academic Catalog

Middle Level Education (5250)

5250:100. Orientation to Middle Level Education. (0 Credits)

Prerequisite: Admission to Middle Level Education Program. Corequisite: 5100:200. Orientation to the information and strategies necessary for a student to be successful in the program, including portfolio development.

5250:300. Middle Level Education. (3 Credits)

Prerequisite or corequisite: 5500:308. Reviews nature/needs of early adolescents; developmentally appropriate middle schooling; philosophy of school organizations; curriculum, pedagogy, and assessment; cultural and community contexts. 15 field hours.

5250:333. Teaching Science to Middle Level Learners. (4 Credits)

Prerequisite: 5500:308. A methods course for the prospective teacher to develop a point of view toward science teaching and strategies for effective standards-based science teaching. (15 field hours)

5250:338. Teaching Social Studies to Middle Childhood. (3 Credits)

Prerequisite: 5500:308. A methods course to examine the school social studies curriculum and strategies for effective teaching. (15 field hours)

5250:342. Teaching Math to Middle Level Learners. (3 Credits)

Prerequisite: 5500:308. Modern strategies of psychology and methodology in middle childhood mathematics on exploratory, structural and mastery levels of learning. (15 field hours)

5250:350. Teaching Language Arts & Media to Middle Level Learners. (3 Credits)

Prerequisites: 5500:240, 5500:241, and 5500:308. This course provides preservice middle grade teachers with strategies for integrating the language arts in the areas of reading, writing, speaking, listening, media and drama. (15 Field Hours)

5250:351. Modes of Writing for the Middle Grades. (3 Credits)

Prerequisite: Admission to College of Education's Teacher Education Program. This course will provide middle school languages arts teachers the understandings and skills necessary to teach writing in varieties of forms and modes including newswriting.

5250:430. Honors Research Project: Middle Level Education. (1-6 Credits)

(May be repeated for a total of six credits.) Prerequisites: Permission of student's preceptor. Carefully defined individual study demonstrating originality and sustained inquiry.

5250:480. Special Topics: Middle School. (1-3 Credits)

Prerequisite: Permission of instructor. (May be repeated with change of topic) Group study of special topics in middle childhood of critical contemporary concern in professional education.

5250:490. Workshop: Middle Level. (1-3 Credits)

Elective workshop for Middle Childhood majors who would like to pursue further refinement of teaching skills. Emphasis in demonstrations of teaching techniques and development.

5250:495. Student Teaching: Grades 4-6. (5 Credits)

Planned teaching experience in schools selected and supervised by the Office of Field Experience.

5250:496. Student Teaching: Grades 7-9. (6 Credits)

Prerequisites: Approval of the Student Teaching Committee, considered based upon approved application to student teaching, passing PRAXIS II subject test, and approved portfolio; senior status. Corequisite: 498. Planned teaching experience in schools selected and supervised by the Office of Field Experiences.

5250:497. Independent Study. (1-3 Credits)

Prerequisites: Permission of advisor and department head. Specific area of curriculum investigation pertinent to middle level education as determined by student's academic needs.

5250:498. Student Teaching Colloquium: Middle Grades. (1 Credit)

Corequisite: 5250:499. Prepares learner for final phase of becoming a decision maker. Explores problems encountered in the classroom, initiates reflective practice and concepts of other research.

5250:499. Student Teaching: Middle Level Education. (11 Credits)

Corequisite: 5250:498. 322 Field Hours. Planned teaching experience in schools selected and supervised by the Office of Field Experiences.